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At WPS, we have a team of professionals who get together each week and review the Pastoral and safeguarding records on Pupil Asset and CPOMS (MIS and digital tracking/safeguarding systems). In the team we have the following staff who, in addition to their designated responsibility, will support and challenge all members of the team in all aspects of the team’s work. (School Charter)

  • SENDco Wicklewood and member of the Senior Leadership Team. FOCUS pupils with Special Educational Needs or Disability, SEND policy looked After Children
  • Special Resource Base Lead Teacher FOCUS pupils with Special Educational Needs or Disability, SRB Policy and outreach support, integration of SRB pupils to their classes and their curriculum. (target 50% - 70% inclusion). Training and support of class teachers. Working with a Specialist Partner from Fred Nicholson special school.
  • Safeguarding leads Wicklewood FOCUS pupils who are subject a Child Protection or Child in Need/Early Help plan, safeguarding policies, training and practice
  • Parent Support Assistant FOCUS attendance and punctuality, parenting support/advice, Young Carers
  • Lead Behaviour Professional/Intervention Coordinator/ELSA FOCUS allocation/ implementation of Emotional Literacy Support programme, relationships, anti-bullying, cyber bullying, bereavement, conflict resolution, peer mentors

Each member of the team will help to provide guidance and resources for children and families experiencing barriers to learning at school. They will also provide challenge and support for each other as we monitor the quality of the provision at WPS and how well it supports children in meeting or exceeding national expectations. Each term there are specific agenda items identified by the Senior Leadership team and the governing body, these are recorded on the School Operational Overview where we evaluate provision in the particular aspect of the Pastoral Team's work:

  • Anti-bullying
  • School Values
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Learning Powers
  • Travel Plan
  • Policy review – safeguarding/attendance
  • Safeguarding Review
  • Full attendance check
  • Persistent absence
  • Lateness
  • The quality of play and learning during lunch and break times
  • Peer mentors
  • School council
  • Eco council
  • Prefects
  • Head boy and girl

Following each meeting members of the team will undertake actions and or policy changes as required. In line with GDPR records can be made available to the parents where they have information about their own children. No other child’s information should be shared with families; in this instance records must be redacted. All folders and discussions are confidential; see School Charter and Confidentiality Policy.