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Our Learning 2023-24


Year 2 - Making a Quiz with Scratch 

Here, children designed and planned quiz sequences, choosing sprites and response actions. The class spent time thinking about algorithms - a set of instructions humans can read (click on bear, answer is revealed, answer disappears) - and how they could be developed into a program using code blocks in Scratch Jr. 


Year 2 - Programming Beebots 

Year 2's core programming concept is that of algorithm: a set of instructions that a human can write and read. In this unit, children developed algorithms for their Beebots, planning routes through designed courses. Once the algorithms were written, children turned these into programs by inputting instructions on the Beebot's back. 


Year 2 - Digital Photography

The class explored how we can use technology for creative endeavours - in this instance, photography. We discussed horizontal and vertical framing, and began to think about how images can be changed once saved in the iPad's memory.