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Music is a practical, creative subject which helps to develop musical skills and the ability to express personal thoughts and feelings through sound. Music is also used to develop an awareness of different world cultures through the use of listening resources and instruments from different parts of the world.


  •  For all children to recognise their musical potential and enjoy music, acquiring the social skills of making music together.
  • To encourage children to develop socially, morally and spiritually, to be creative, imaginative, constructive, to be thinkers and planners.
  • To develop the capacity to express ideas and feelings symbolically through the medium of sound.
  • To develop sound, physical and intellectual skills and concepts while engaged in musical activity.
  • To develop an awareness of musical traditions and developments in a variety of styles, cultures and periods.

Broad Guidelines:

  1. Music will be taught according to the National Curriculum where children will listen to music, appraise, compose and perform individually and in groups.
  2. The Music Leads will be responsible for ensuring the necessary resources are allocated to Music and provide support to non-musical staff.
  3. Children will learn to sing with control using songs from a variety of cultures and periods in time.
  4. Children will develop skills in listening and appraising. Further opportunities for music will be made in other subjects across the curriculum i.e. art, PE, literacy, and foreign languages.
  5. Music assembly will provide an important opportunity for the children to perform, share and enjoy music through singing, playing and listening to recorded and live music.
  6. Throughout their time at Wicklewood, children will be given the opportunity to perform music and drama for a variety of audiences.


Wicklewood Primary School and Nursery aims to support children to access their potential, and participate actively in music through many areas of the curriculum.

Whole School Curriculum Overview: