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Librarians' Council

We are a group of six Year 6 children who are responsible for the running of our new library alongside our teacher - Miss Carr and the adult librarians - Mrs Crawford and Mrs Barrett.

Every fortnight, we meet to discuss the progress of our action plan. Our main aims are:

* to increase and improve the stock of our new library
* to make our library an inspiring and inviting space to read and enjoy books
* to ensure the school librarians help in the smooth running of the library.

Please see our current action plan below:

Updates:   So far, the children have finished their Netflix board and are hoping it will be hung up during the week beginning 12th February.  The librarians are now a group of 12. They have stickered the books with the first letter of authors' surnames. They've also been barcoding new books for the system and stamping class readers as and when they arrive.