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Home-Learning 2023-2024

This is where you will find the links, documents and/or page numbers for Year 6 homework each week. Whilst I am happy for you to self-mark using the answers at the back of the book, I would still like you to ask/tell me if you have struggled with particular questions, as it is important to know in order to help you and the rest of the class. I would ask parents to put a comment in the reading diary to the effect of '....... has completed all their homework this week'. This helps me know who is doing homework in Y6, as it is especially good transition preparation for Y7.

* A downloadable printable version can be found at the bottom of this page.


Friday 14th June 2024 and 21st June (optional home-learning)

Below are some ideas that you can do this week at home to enhance your learning across our summer curriculum:

  • Maths/Science - take your pulse for 30 seconds at rest, after walking around, after running/cycling/vigorous exercise, at rest. Draw a line graph of your results.

  • English - research a current issue in the news that interests you (e.g. selling/owning the moon,  building more prisons, lowering voting age tec)

  • PE / Art - Create a rules poster for Kwik Cricket.