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Diversity Council

Our Pupil Diversity Council will be working hard to ensure that our school is an environment where children see themselves represented and feel valued and safe to express their identity.

Meet our Diversity Council

Brooke, Year 6 
I want Wicklewood to celebrate differences and raise awareness of everyone. I want to organise for the school to raise money for charities that support inclusion. 

Harvey, Year 5
I want to celebrate inclusion. I want Wicklewood to celebrate Pride, so people feel supported and included. 

Isaac, Year 5
I want to educate everyone about the different cultures and beliefs. 

Maisey, Year 4
I want people to be inclusive and the Diversity Council is going to lead assemblies to teach others how to do it. 

Ellisia, Year 3
I want people from all around the world represented at our school. 

Elsie, Year 2
I want to make our school and community even kinder. 

Teddy, Year 1 
I want everyone to be kind and play together.