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Design & Technology

At Wicklewood, we want pupils to become creative, thoughtful and critical designers and makers who are able to solve real problems in a range of contexts for a range of people. We will teach Design & Technology in a cross-curricular way, incorporating meaningful links with other subjects such as STEM, art and computing. We want pupils to be inspired and to develop an understanding of good design and technology (from the past and the present) and how this positively affects peoples' lives. We understand the importance of design and technology to the culture, wealth, creativity and well-being of the nation and our pupils' potential contribution to this. Wicklewood's windmill reminds us of the legacy of engineering and technology that contributed to the area.

Wicklewood's curriculum for D&T will follow the National Curriculum and EYFS curriculum. We will plan fun and stimulating cross-curricular topics with high-quality outcomes. Design and make projects will be purposeful and with an intended user or purpose. Children will critically analyse existing products, assess needs and fitness for purpose and try to fulfil a brief. In food technology, children will aim to design and make food whilst being aware of health, sustainability and environment as well as seasonality and origin of ingredients. We will try to teach the range of skills and knowledge from the National Curriculum in a careful progression, building on prior learning and experiences. Children will be taught to design with sketches, discussion, technology and diagrams. Children will be taught to make with a range of tools and resources, choosing the most appropriate for the task. They will make with an understanding of the aesthetic and functional properties of materials. Pupils will be taught to evaluate their products against a clear set of criteria, establishing a final fitness for purpose and fulfilment of brief. We aim to link with high schools and people from the business community to show exemplary STEM and D&T products and behaviours.