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Principles and Aims

We believe that a love of learning is an essential part of a happy and successful life and that having the spirit of lifelong learning is key to achieving a healthy and rewarding future for all of us. This belief is core to our school values and all we do at Wicklewood.

We expect our children to be polite and helpful, we ask them to be kind, caring and honest and we encourage them to show respect for other people.

At our school we help pupils to develop those dispositions that will support learning, as they mature they should become increasingly aware of how their behaviour affects all aspects of life at school both for themselves and those around them. Children will be supported through our PSHE policy and our Forest School Curriculum which develops self-esteem and self-awareness. As pupils move towards secondary school expectations will increase and greater independence and resilience nurtured in every student.

We understand that if our children are to learn to be responsible for their own good learning behaviour the school must provide them with:

  • An environment which is safe, calm and supportive
  • A curriculum that is designed to suit their individual needs rooted in our school values
  • Assessment systems that identify vulnerable children
  • Interventions to support children back to their usual good behaviour
  • Specific praise, encouragement and positive recognition of good behaviour for learning
  • Explicit teaching to build strong learning powers
  • A Pastoral Team (see Pastoral Team)

In turn, we expect children to demonstrate:

  • Our school values, at all times
  • Exemplary manners
  • Care for the school and local environment
  • Contribute to our evolving school through participation in school projects and events
  • Welcome new pupils and staff to our Wicklewood family
  • Develop dispositions and attitudes that are essential for successful learners
  • Families to support pupils by ensuring they have
  • Have outstanding punctuality and attendance
  • Arrive at school on time ready to learn every day with correct equipment needed for the day e.g PE/Swimming kit/Forest School clothing/ Water bottles
  • Follow agreed school policy including their full support for the behaviour policy and Working Together Agreement
  • Take part in all aspects of school life, including educational and residential visits
  • Accept in good faith decisions by school leaders unless there is irrevocable proof to the contrary in line with our WPS School Charter.

At Wicklewood, we know that all our pupils are different, each one special in their own way. We understand that throughout school life children and families will experience different challenges, so this policy aims to provide as much guidance and information as it can. In order to support those times of change there will be a whole range of individual personal plans working in the school at any time, these have to be flexible to support the children effectively, it would not be possible to include them all in this document. This policy and guidance is regularly reviewed and is subject to change in line with the needs of our school family and as we grow as a profession in our understanding of our support and management of learning behaviours. As an outstanding school we pride ourselves on the collaborative partnership we have with our families.


  • To have a consistent policy clearly recognised, understood and practised by children, staff, parents and governors
  • To identify acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and to encourage positive learning, sociability, self-reliance and the skill of learning with each other
  • To foster mutual respect between all adults and children in our school in order to develop a positive school atmosphere; a place where pupils, staff and visitors feel valued, safe and fairly treated
  • To develop intrinsic, flexible reward systems for the broadest possible range of academic and non-academic achievements, and to adopt strategies to modify unacceptable behaviour
  • To adapt policy and practice in order to support each individual to thrive at school