Values-based Education

What is VbE?

VbE is a shared vision which is engaged with throughout the school.   VbE creates a structure which enables this to happen.   It is known to greatly improve the children’s capacity to learn and succeed in life. VbE is transformative.

Why VbE?

VbE is centred around core values which lead to improved behaviour, relationships, learning environment, personal wellbeing and attitudes to learning.  This in turn leads to higher standards of attainment.  To become a values-based school everyone has to feel valued and a part of the movement.

At Wicklewood Primary School and Nursery we have chosen ten values.  These were voted for by children, staff and parents.  They are:

Respect * Honesty * Responsibility * Courage * Self Belief * Happiness * Acceptance * Thoughtfulness * Friendship * Understanding.

When children start in Nursery or Reception they are introduced to the values in child-friendly language. They are taught on a termly basis under the umbrella groupings of Respect, Resilience and Empathy.

As they move up into Year 2 the children will be familiar with all ten values and will hear them referred to regularly and be clear what they mean.   They can be awarded a certificate or given a sticker for showing a particular value.

Children and staff at Wicklewood share these core values.  They are also linked closely to our GR8ASUR programme which is aimed at preventing bullying before it starts, and developing children’s understanding.

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