Hasn't Billy done well!

Billy, in year 5, decided to raise money for the Australia fire disaster  He organised a bake sale which raised £180 and donated it to 'Kookies4Koalas'. Little did he know that he would get a personal thank you for some well-known faces!

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The development of the children’s skills and knowledge is central to Wicklewood’s aim of providing the children with what they need for the future so they can thrive in the joy of life-long learning. We strive to provide an education that enables children to ‘Be the Best You Can Be’. It provides children with enriched curriculum opportunities to explore and develop their own values and beliefs; to have high standards of personal behaviour; to have a positive caring attitude towards other people; to have an understanding of their social and cultural traditions; and have an appreciation of the diversity and richness of other cultures, all within a safe learning environment.

The staff work tirelessly to provide the children with learning opportunities that capture their imaginations and bring the learning alive. We continuously explore innovative, engaging and exciting ways to learn, embracing change and trying new things for the benefit of all stakeholders. We balance knowledge-based learning with that of enquiry. Our curriculum is built on the firm foundations of the National Curriculum and is designed to evolve each year, developing in the light of the ever-changing educational landscape. Evidence-based research helps us to reflect on, and evaluate, teaching strategies and their effectiveness.

The curriculum is embedded throughout all aspects of school life and reinforced through the children’s understanding of our values (respect, understanding, courage, happiness, honesty, friendship, responsibility, acceptance, self-belief and thoughtfulness), all of which are linked to British Values. This, alongside a clear behaviour policy, ensure that our children have positive attitudes and are committed and resilient learners.

For many of our children the journey begins in Nursery. Everything we do, as a team, is aimed at providing the very best possible educational and life opportunities for every child.

Our curriculum aim for EYFS is to provide an inspiring, rich and exciting curriculum that encompasses both ‘Development Matters’ ages and stages alongside ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’. We plan activities across the seven areas of learning to ensure each child receives a broad and balanced curriculum both indoors and outdoors.

One of our many strengths and one that we are proud of, is that we focus on the individual needs of every child. Following our school motto, all staff believe that every child has the potential to ‘Be the Best You can Be’. We endeavour to provide them with all the opportunities that they need now and in their future. Our children deserve the best!

Through a creative and nurturing approach, we aim to actively engage, inspire and enable our children to flourish and grow to their full potential. We work as a team to design learning experiences that engage all learners in thoughtful and real experiences.

The staff offer a tailored curriculum to maximise pupils’ interest and curiosity for learning. We strive to provide pupils with a variety of first-hand experiences to stimulate their learning, whilst placing a strong focus on life skills and the next stage of their school life.

When the children move to Key Stage 1, they will learn through a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum which covers all areas of the National Curriculum.

This curriculum comprises of the core subjects – English, Mathematics and Science; and the foundation subjects – Art, Computing, Design Technology, Geography, History, MFL, Music. Physical Education and Personal, Social and Health Education. RE is taught using the Norfolk agreed Syllabus. The core subjects are taught both stand alone and as part of our creative curriculum.

A detailed curriculum map and mission statements for each subject ensure that subject leaders and teachers have a clear understanding of the children’s learning throughout the school. The children are taught the required knowledge and skills at each year group level. These are then referred back to when a new topic is introduced. We ensure that the needs, interests and abilities of all children are met. Appropriate development, links with other schools, and a highly committed staff, ensures rigorous, high quality provision and resources. Subject leaders have an excellent understanding of their subject.

To further enhance and enrich the curriculum we plan activity days which may include World Book Day, European day of Languages, Black History Month and Space Week. Children are encouraged to lead initiatives (Harvest assembly, Recycling projects, French Cafes) and through the School Council

children organise fund raising events and identify aspects of the school that they would like to develop. We welcome and encourage parental involvement. Parents share their expertise both in the classroom and in the school grounds, and suggestions made at Parent Forums also help to further develop the school. Successful bids for grants have enabled the school to maximise the outdoor provision. An enticing Forest School and wildlife area; and an outdoor gym have enhanced this. A range of extra-curricular activities also extend this provision.

To maximise learning, assessment is ongoing. During lessons staff regularly check that the children have a clear understanding of their learning; they recap on previous learning; expectation is explicit; children know what they need to achieve; they are given different levels of challenge (three peaks); they are encouraged to share their ideas; and they know that making mistakes is all part of their learning journey. Every child matters, and teachers plan for everyone’s needs either through differentiated activity or additional resources.

Children are trained to be responsible for their own learning The children know what to do if they are ‘stuck’; be brave – have a go; be still – stop and have a think; backtrack – have another look at the objective / success criteria; ask a buddy – can they explain it more clearly; bits and bobs – remember to use resources; and if they have tried all other options ask the boss (teacher!)

We use curriculum outcomes in foundation subjects to assess the success of pupils’ learning opportunities. The impact of our curriculum is also measured by National assessment procedures which allow us to measure outcomes against all schools nationally:

  • EYFS % of pupils achieving a ‘Good level of development’ (GLD)
  • Phonics Screening Test at the end of Year 1
  • End of KS1 % of children working towards or at the expected standard and at greater depth in reading, writing and maths
  • End of KS2 % of children working towards or at the expected standard and at greater depth in reading, writing, grammar punctuation and spelling, and maths.

The impact of our curriculum will also be measured by how effectively it helps all of our pupils develop into well rounded individuals who embody our values and carry with them the knowledge, skills and attitudes which will make them lifelong learners, confident individuals and valuable future citizens.

Here is an overview of the learning that takes place at Wicklewood. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

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