Summer Holiday Home Learning

We would like all the children to be happy and well rested when they return in September, ready to begin another academic year. Their emotional wellbeing is so important; therefore, we are only providing you with a few activities.

Painted rocks, Summer, beach, flip flops, Awesome Summer Rocks ...

Paint / decorate a pebble

You can be as creative as you like. Have a look at the website below for some fun design ideas.

Bring your pebble to school on 7th September 2020. We will be creating a very special path in our wildlife area using all your pebbles.

‘All About Me’ Double Page Spread

We would like all children to complete a double page spread about themselves. Use a piece of A3 paper (or two pieces of A4 stuck together) and add information to share with your new teacher so they can learn more about you. Children will see an example of a double page spread when they meet their new teacher on Monday 20th July or Tuesday 21st July. If your child is not in school on these days, you will find some examples below.

All classes will be looking at and using the double page spread in the first week back of school in September, so make sure you bring yours into school on Monday 7th September 2020.


Key Stage 1 Teacher example Key Stage 2 Teacher example

Summer Reading Challenge

Don’t forget that Norfolk Library is holding their summer reading challenge virtually this year. It would be great if you could take part.

Details can be found here …

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents for their continued support this year, particularly during the unprecedented times in the Summer term. We are incredibly proud of all the children and we cannot wait to welcome them back in September.

Have a wonderful Summer.

From the Wicklewood Teaching Team

Further Resources

Kingfisher Class wc 13th July

Goodness – who would have believed that we have reached the final week of primary school for you all and that it be so unlike any last week we have ever known! There are many things we would have liked to have done with you all, but we hope that you will leave us with happy memories and are looking forward to your new high school lives.

As any last week should, this one looks a bit different – we want to concentrate on transition activities rather than lots of English and Maths, although there is some of that to do too.

Transition Tasks

Class blog – we may not be able to say goodbye in the usual way, but why not sent a post to the class to say your farewells and wish everyone good luck. It would be lovely to see a message from every single one of you!

Crucial Crew– normally all the Y6 children in the county are invited to an event at Easton College where they are given lots of really useful advice and go through different scenarios to help keep you safe as you move on to high school. This year they have made a virtual event for you which you can access here:

There is also an excellent website set up by UEA which has a video and then a booklet to help you get ready for secondary school. I really recommend it!

A close up of a sign

Description automatically generatedEnglish with a difference!

The British Library have a website packed with ideas that may spark your interest, and you could check them out over the summer holidays if you fancied something different to do. It includes things like making miniature books, creative comic book characters and writing your own nonsense directory. It really is worth a look.

Physical Activity – don’t forget to keep your physical health up in all the weeks you have over the holidays. Now that we can go out a bit more, and especially now that playgrounds are open again – why not venture out and get yourselves fit on the monkey bars etc?

In terms of transition – have a look at your high school’s information – what are you going to need for PE kit? Think about how you are going to get organised and remember to pack it and have it in school on the right days? Life will be different in high school – you probably won’t be able to leave it in school all the time and you definitely can’t expect parents to be dropping it off if you forget it!!

English and Maths   


This week we are not setting daily plans –

  • for maths there is a booklet based on organizing a cake sale (another thing we would have been doing earlier this term!!). There are lots of practical problems to work through based on the whole of the Y6 maths curriculum – you do need to work in order as you need the answers to some questions to answer later ones.

Don’t forget that you have your CGP revision and workbooks for maths and English if there are areas that you are not sure on, it’s worth trying to do a little bit over the summer to make sure you are well prepared for September – so this week, go through and make a note of any topics you are unsure of and come up with a plan of action!


Day 1

  • I would like you all to write a letter to the incoming Year 6 which I can share with them next term. It should be a general letter to all the class, and in it I would like you to think about what might be important for them to know as they start their final year at Primary School. Go on to Purple Mash and go to the 2Dos to find a template where you can write and save your letter 😊
  • Choose a service from the Crucial Crew website listed above and explore some of their activities.

A picture containing drawing

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  • Art –

You have achieved so much at Wicklewood and now it is time to reflect upon what makes you proud. Why not create a “Wheel of achievements” that displays your proudest moments? You can label each section with subject names eg. Maths, PE but also things like “Friendship” or “Hobbies.” Draw a picture or write a sentence in each section to show what you are proud of.

Day 2

There are some really useful videos to look at. You might like to see what it is like to be at Primary school and moving up, and then move on to the Secondary school ones. Don’t forget – if you feel anxious that is quite normal!

A picture containing window, mirror, clock

Description automatically generated Choose a couple to look at.

  • Make a comic strip

Some of your best memories will be silly ones that make you giggle, some of them might be in our leavers book. Why not make an amusing comic strip of a funny moment from your school journey. Include thought bubbles and speech bubbles to bring it to life. Use bold colours.

  • Do the website scavenger hunt (see attached sheet)

Day 3

  • Choose a couple more of the Crucial Crew services to look at.
  • If you haven’t finished the Maths work, do some more on that, and also have another look at BBC Bitesize.
  • If you are worried about moving up to Secondary School Childline have some good ideas to help you feel more at ease:

Day 4

  • Choose a couple more of the Crucial Crew services. These are so important and really interesting!

  • Bucket list

Not only is it important to value your past achievements, but also to set yourself some new goals. Why not create a “bucket list” of things that you want to achieve in your first year of Secondary School. This could include points such as making new friends; taking the bus to school by yourself etc.

There might also be some things you want to achieve in the holidays before you start. Learning to tie a tie,

baking a cake; completing the Summer Reading Challenge etc. etc.

  • Also look at the video on Young Minds which is what it is like for children when they move up to High School.

Day 5

  • Coming together to celebrate the end of Year 6 is an important time in your life. We are going to miss you next year! Your Leavers’ book will have some happy memories to share. Can you add something to our Blog to share with your classmates? We hope that some of you will be able to get together in a socially distanced way over the summer holidays.
  • Look at the Day 5 Transition PowerPoint attached from the PHSE Association. Use the sheet of resources to record your answers.
  • Take a well-earned rest after all your hard work this term!

Please come back and see us next year when it is safe to do so 😊

Have Fun – it should be a good week. Happy learning!


Finally, a note for your parents. Thank you so much for supporting your children at home with their learning, and also in keeping them active and – most important of all – HAPPY. It has been such a difficult time and we are very grateful for all that you do for them.

Normally in school we would be doing activities to remind children about Staying Safe Online. If you would like some tips on how to speak to your child about this, please go to:

It’s a good, trustworthy site has some very useful ideas and guidelines.

Also at this time, we would normally have covered Puberty in order to ready the children for High School. As we have not been able to do this, I have attached some guidance and a PowerPoint from the PHSE Association which you may like to use to tackle this important subject at home.


Kestrel Class wc 13th July

Hello Brilliant Kestrels!

This is our final week of home-learning that I’ll be setting before the summer holidays. Next week I will get to see you all when you come to visit and meet your new teacher as well. In school, we’ve been reflecting on our memories of this year. I wonder what your favourite memories are of this year? Share your thoughts on the blog! To access the blog, log into purple mash then click on the sharing icon that is at the top (a green globe) then the shared blog tab and then the Kestrel blog.

Daily Tasks

Reading Comprehension

We are finishing ‘Our Big Kitchen’ this week. A lot of you have really enjoyed this book and said so, so thank you for your feedback! I’ll definitely use it again. This week we have chapters 6 and 7 (the final chapters). There is a reading comprehension multiple choice quiz for each chapter, and open-ended questions for each also. Then I have set a book review and a 2Respond task and an annotated diagram task (get your adjectives ready for that one!) that are all related to Sienna and the Our Big Kitchen story.

As well as that, there are 2 SPaG quizzes: ‘Samantha’s Day, which is about cohesion in paragraphs and ‘Anna and the trampoline’, which is about using modal verbs to show degrees of possibility or likelihood.

^ One peak – complete the multiple choice quizzes and 1 SPaG quiz of your choice.

^^ Two peaks – complete the SPaG quizzes and the multiple choice quizzes

^^^Three peaks – complete the SPaG quizzes and the multiple choice quizzes and the open question comprehension quizzes (I am still reading, marking and responding to every single one of these so keep up the hard work).

All Peaks: Have a go at the book review, 2Respond activity and annotating the diagram of Sienna with adjectives.

English and Maths

Remember, if your child is coming into school they need to be following the English and Maths detailed here at home as this is what will be followed in school and they will otherwise be lacking skills/previous work from the sequences, please don’t let them go ahead either or they will be repeating work.

Otherwise, you are welcome to use other activities that better suit your home-learning environment and/or try out the links provided on this page:

English – Talk 4 Writing – One Chance

This week, we’re going to have another go at a talk4writing activity. These are really fun and help you to immerse yourself in the text, thinking about how you can adapt it to suit your ideas and writing styles. Please email me your writing when you do your final piece, I’m loving reading them and responding.

FYI: Page numbers are in the top right corner.


^ 1 Peak – Read and complete pages 2 and 3. Use full sentences and don’t forget your punctuation.

^^ 2 Peak – Read and complete pages 2, 3 and 4. Use full sentences and try to use adjectives to make your sentences more interesting and conjunctions to add detail for the reader.

^^^3 Peak – Read and complete pages 2, 3 and 4. Use full sentences and try to use adjectives to make your sentences more interesting and conjunctions to add detail for the reader. Then, put yourself into the shoes of a character from a book you have enjoyed. For example, Arthur Trout from the Land of Roar. What might their wish be? Use the structure on page 4 to complete this.

EG. I wish I could save Grandpa from the Land of Roar without Rose coming.

I could have all the glory and everyone in Roar would love me and know how brave I can be.

However, it might all go wrong and Rose would never know, then we could both be stuck there forever and Grandpa needs his inhaler.

Tuesday. The Mirror of Wishes and The Mirror of Despair.

^ 1 Peak – Read pages 5 and 6. The Mirror of Wishes and The Mirror of Despair. Think about how the two poems are different and how they are similar. In your book, write 3 similarities and 3 differences. Try to refer to the text for your answers.

^^ 2 Peak – Read and complete the activities on pages 5 and 6, writing poems in the same style. Then, upskill your poems by adding an adjective to each sentence.

^^^3 Peak – Read and complete the activities on pages 5 and 6, writing poems in the same style. Then, upskill your poems by adding an adjective to each sentence and find somewhere to add in a preposition (or 3!!). Then have a go at using this style of writing to write a poem called ‘The Mirror of Deception.’ or ‘The Mirror of Mystery.’.


^ 1 Peak – Read and complete pages 7, 8 and 9. In your book, write down how you feel about the story, whether you like it or not and why. Make a note of any unfamiliar vocabulary, try to pick out 5 words, then use a dictionary (online if you don’t have a physical copy) to look up the meaning of those words.

^^ 2 Peak – Read and complete pages 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. A busy one today with lots of reading and vocabulary to get stuck into!

^^^ 3 Peak – Read and complete pages 7 – 13! A lot of pages with a big push for your vocabulary, try to challenge yourself by using interesting and unique synonyms. Stay away from boring or common words.


^ 1 Peak – Read and complete the tasks on pages 14 and 15. Then complete the closer reading section that starts on page 16 and finishes part way through page 17.

^^ 2 Peak – Read and complete the activities on pages 14-18. This links into the power of 3 so make sure when you write your sentences you are thinking about using commas in the correct places where appropriate. You might want to look at these things: – What is the rule of 3?

^^^ 3 Peak – Read and complete the activities on pages 14-19. This links into the power of 3 so make sure when you write your sentences you are thinking about using commas in the correct places where appropriate.

All peaks: Have a look at pages 20-21 about using speech effectively. It’s important to remember that at this stage in your writing, we are looking for you to be using speech to progress the story, not just for the sake of putting speech in. So, instead of saying ‘Ouch, that hurt!’ Jack said as Jim hit him on the head. ‘Well you deserve it.” “No, you do!” Jack was so angry that he had been hit.

You could write:

With a whack, Jim hit Jack. “Try that again and I won’t invite you to my birthday party next week.”. Jim hung his head, “I’m sorry Jack, please let me come. I’ve been so excited to go bowling, my mum never takes me. I just got a bit frustrated.”.

In the second example you now know that Jack is having a birthday party and that they’re going bowling and that Jim doesn’t get to go usually. The speech gives you insight into the character and events and takes your writing to the next level.

Friday – Planning and writing. Pages 22-24 today for all peaks.

^ 1 Peak – Use your plan to write 2-3 paragraphs. A beginning, middle and end.

^^ 2 Peak – Write your story using interesting sentence openers to start each paragraph. Try to use the skills you have looked at in this booklet and focus on using speech effectively. Try to include 3-5 examples of direct speech and focus on punctuating correctly. Aim to write 1-1 ½ pages of A4.

^^^3 Peak – Write your tale using 2-3 pages of A4. I’m really challenging you today. Try to Include the following:

  • The power of 3 (2 examples minimum)
  • Use 10 interesting vocabulary words and highlight these in your work afterwards.
  • Use direct speech, correctly punctuated, at least 5 times.
  • 2 examples of where you have used adjectives to create a ‘mood’.
  • All of these punctuation marks: . , – ()
  • An example of a simile and a metaphor.

All peaks: Draw an illustration to accompany your story, this could be of the main character or of a setting or something else from your tale.

Good luck – I know you will all try your absolute best and that is all I ask of you, please email your stories to me at when you’re finished!

Maths – Week 12 White Rose Maths plans:

This week we will be following the White Rose Maths Home learning pages at We are up-to-date and carrying on at week 12, dated 13th July.

PLEASE NOTE that the activity and answer sheets are now attached below to this webpage and are not available from the White Rose website.

Different units is the topic this week. Imperial, metric and units of time.

Additional Support for shapes: – Imperial Measures – Metric Measures – Corbett Maths, imperial and metric – Metric to imperial. – Imperial to metric. – All about timetables in real world context and if you scroll down further links to other topics to do with units of measure.


Lesson 1 – Metric Units

Please use the presentation on the website and the attached activity sheets below, be sure to look up or check any vocabulary you are unfamiliar with.


Lesson 2 – Imperial Units.

Please use the presentation on the website and the attached activity sheets below. Again, make sure you understand the vocabulary.


Lesson 3 – Converting units of time.

Please use the presentation on the website and the attached activity sheets below.


Lesson 4 – Timetables

Please use the presentation on the website and the attached activity sheets below.


Maths challenge day! Or, use this as an opportunity to go back and revisit anything you have found challenging so far.

Optional: Use the school day timetable (8:50-3:15) to design your ideal timetable for the school day. Don’t forget break times and lunchtimes and all your favourite subjects!

Magical Mayans!

Please be aware that the Magical Mayans folder is a working document so resources may move and the folders will be added to periodically. You can access this still through the learning for WB 22.06.20. If you have any questions please email me: Have fun!

Have a lovely week everyone, see you soon! I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone at the end of term.

Miss M

Lapwing Class wc 13th July

I cannot believe this is the last week that I will set you home learning. It has been an absolute pleasure having you in all in Lapwing class this year and I will miss you all lots. I wish you the best of luck for Year 5 and have a fantastic and relaxing summer holiday – you have worked so hard and I am so proud of the progress that you have made this year.

Stay safe. I look forward to seeing you on Monday 20th July in school to say goodbye. Miss Marriott

Maths – we are carrying on with shape this week – symmetry, position and direction, and coordinates.

^^ We are following the week commencing 13/7/20 on White Rose Maths – I have attached the link to the videos – The worksheets and answers are attached as PDFs.

Times tables:

  • Daily – TT rockstars – keep practising!
  • On komodo maths, have another go at the grid – how many can you turn over?
  • There are also some good videos to help you relate division facts to multiplication Can you turn the multiplication facts you know into division sentences? How many can you do? For an extra challenge – can you look at square numbers on the site too this week please. Can you recognise them all?


This week we have a mixture of English skills to focus on each day.

Monday – Reading: Can I retrieve information from a text?

This week you have a non-fiction book about the Stone Age (attached as a PDF).


Read a part of the book to make your fact file e.g. only the animals page. Reading with an adult to help you as needed. Make a fact file about that part. E.g. animals/the woolly mammoth.


As above + read the whole book, making notes about any facts you find out.

Make a fact file about a chosen area afterwards. What can you discover about the Stone Age?


As above + make a quiz with your knowledge. I have made a 2Quiz 2Do on Purple Mash if you would like to use this. Then we can set your quizzes for the rest of the class if you hand it in to me.

Post any questions/key facts on the class blog too!

Tuesday –SPaG: Can I recap key SPaG terminology? Challenge attached as a PDF.


Complete the challenge and mark it to see how much you have remembered!


As above + make yourself a poster about any SPaG terms that came up e.g. can you explain the different word types – adjectives etc…


As above + make a glossary of as many SPaG terms as you can remember from this year.

Wednesday – Spelling: Can I recap spellings? Word activities and lists attached as PDFs.


On purple mash, I have set 2 games about the high frequency words for you to complete.

Complete 1 of the word mats focusing on a word of your choice.


There are lots of spelling games on Purple Mash for you to recap the Year 3 and 4 words. I would suggest doing these gradually throughout the week.

Choose more than 1 word to focus on in the spelling mat activities. Could you make a spelling mat to help you with any words on the 3/4 word list that you are still unsure of?


Complete the Purple Mash spelling activities gradually throughout the week.

Can you make spelling mats for any words on the Year 3 and 4 list that you are not sure of?

Can you look at the Year 5 and 6 word list – how many can you read/spell? Can you use some of the fun ways we have used this year to practise them?

Thursday – Inference/writing skills: Can I write accurate (and interesting) sentences? Gazelle sheet attached as a PDF. What a fantastic picture!


Look at the picture and discuss the questions. Write as many responses to these as you can – really focus on your sentences today, do they make sense? Have you remembered your punctuation? Have you used your best handwriting?


As above + sick sentences.


As above + sentence challenge using some super similes!

Friday – writing skills: Can I improve sentences? Carrying on the work from yesterday.


Sick sentences – can you improve them?


Sentence challenges – similes. Remember these from last week with Luke Temple!

Look at the story starters – how would you move the story on? Discuss possible ways you could do this with somebody.


Using the story starters – please have a go at developing the story. What will happen? Can you use some of the devices that you used last week with Luke Temple – similes/metaphors/alliteration/powerful vocabulary – adjectives/adverbs?

I would love to see your writing – please ask an adult to send it to the Lapwing email address so I can give you some feedback!

Have a brilliant summer holiday Lapwings! Thank you for being so caring, thoughtful and enjoyable to teach this year. I have loved getting to know you all!

Take care,

Miss Marriott

Greenfinch Class wc 13th July

rainbow gradient line drawing of a calm cartoon cat waving ...

Ah, Greenfinches, we have come to our last week of home learning for this school year….can you believe it? We very much hope you are able to join us on Monday 20th July where we will have the chance to see you all again and say a proper goodbye.

The ‘Greenfinch Memories’ post is live on the class blog and we are loving reading all your memories. You can add as many as you like, so keep them coming!

The final teacher’s video (by Miss Jell), will be on the website on Monday morning. Please watch this before you begin your home learning.

Below, we have listed some activities for English and Maths to help you look back over your learning in Year 3.

We would like to say how wonderful it has been to be your teachers this year. It certainly will be a memorable year to look back on and you are a class we will never forget. We have loved working with every one of you and we are glad you will only be moving across the corridor into Lapwing class – Miss Jell will be keeping a eye on you! 😊 We wish you all the very best and hope you have a fun packed summer.

Have a great last week of term everyone!

From Miss Jell & Mrs Nixon

Class Blog & Family Challenge Blog

Our blogs can be found on Purple Mash.

  • Just login
  • Click on the tab at the top of Purple Mash marked “Sharing”
  • Then click on “Shared Blogs”

Recap Quizzes (inc. SPAG from Mrs Nixon)

Using the website I would like you to pick some quizzes to test your knowledge. There are lots and lots to choose from…..

….but I would recommend the following:

  • English KS2 – adjectives, adverbs, connectives/conjunctions, direct speech, metaphors, onomatopoeia, similes
  • Mrs Nixon would like you to complete – apostrophes to mark omission, apostrophes to mark possession, commas 1, commas 2, prefixes, suffixes
  • Maths KS2 – Addition and subtraction Y3, Fractions Y3, Measures Y3, Multiplication Y3, Place value Y3, Shapes Y3, Solving Problems (money) Y3, Time Y3

I would suggest trying two quizzes per day.

There is also a Key Stage 1 version of the quizzes to help your child recap their previous learning at

There are also some other sections to explore…..I was particularly interested in the “Cup of tea” section! 😊


Purple Mash Reading 2do – Chapters 6 & 7

This week I have set Chapter 6 AND Chapter 7 of our more challenging text …. The final chapters!! I really hope you have enjoyed the book and love the ending.

Collins Big Cat Online Books

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to login
  • Use the tick boxes on the left of the screen too choose the coloured book band you would like to read
  • Browse and select books from the shelf

You can listen to the story being read, pause and read yourself, zoom in to the words/pictures and complete an activity, all using the control panel at the bottom of the screen…

The books go up to Turquoise level book bands and this will give you an idea of the highest level on this site…

If you child has recently become a free reader these books would still be beneficial for reading comprehension in conjunction with the quiz.

Oxford Owl

  • Oxford Owl Bookshelf Age 7-9 – Suggested reader – The Big Chance
  • Oxford Owl Bookshelf Age 9-11 – Suggested reader – The Secret Garden

For books at a lower level, please see ‘Collins Big Cat’ instructions above.


  • Peak 1 challenge
    • The Planets
  • Peak 2 challenge
    • Mary Seacole
  • Peak 3 challenge
    • Who was Robin Hood?


As this is the final week, each day we will be creating a memory book looking back on Year 3 and also thinking about our next step in to Year 4. I am providing pages for your book with ideas on them to help get you started but you may prefer to make your own book with your own pages and just use the suggestions from my pages.


Please use the attached memory book document and the Year 3 writing targets document (updated).

Today we will look at pages 1, 2 and 3 of the memory book.


  • Peak 1 Challenge – Create a front cover for your memory book (page 1) and complete the favourite things section (page 2)
  • Peak 2 Challenge – After completing the peak 1 challenge, move on to page 3 and write more about your own favourite things e.g favourite sports, favourite foods, favourite dances.
  • Peak 3 Challenge – Write a poem about all of your favourite things. You may like to use the famous song from the film ‘The Sound of Music’ for inspiration. Listen here at

All peaks – Use the Year 3 writing targets document (updated) as you write each day this week. Tick of the features you have included in your writing. You don’t want to include everything everyday!! But by Friday try to have included all of them.


Please use the attached memory book document and the Year 3 writing targets document (updated).

Today we will look at pages 4 and 5 of the memory book.

  • Peak 1 Challenge – Complete page 4 of the memory book
  • Peak 2 Challenge – After completing page 4, use page 5 to write a letter to the new children who are going to be the new Greenfinch class. Think about what you would like to tell them. What do you think they should know about the class? Is it different to Year 2? Do you have any tips for them?
  • Peak 3 Challenge – After completing peak 1 & 2 challenges, write a letter to yourself, then put it in a safe place until July 2021 (when you will be getting ready to move in to Year 5!!) What would you tell your future-self in this letter? What would you like to remember about this time of your life?


Please use the attached memory book document and the Year 3 writing targets document (updated).

Today we will look at pages 6 and 7 of the memory book.

Begin by watch the song/video clip at and then listen again and look / listen carefully at the words used in the song at

  • Peak 1 Challenge – Complete page 6 ‘You’ve got a friend in me’
  • Peak 2 Challenge – After completing peak 1, draw a picture of you and your friends in the picture frame on page 7. It could be a portrait of all your faces or a drawing of you doing a lovely activity together
  • Peak 3 Challenge – After completing peak 1 & 2 challenges, write a letter to your friend and send it. It could be a real letter on paper that you post to them, or it could be typed in to an email to send. You may get a reply!


Today, please practise our wonderful ‘Like a Roman’ assembly song at

We REALLY hope you will be able to come back in to school on Tuesday 20th July to say goodbye to us, and say hello to your new teacher! We will be singing our ‘Like a Roman’ Song on that day 😊


Here is a poem that we think sums up the end of the year really nicely. We hope you enjoy reading it!

Today please look at another kind of poem called a shape poem. Look at and read some of the shape poems here at:

A shape poem is where the words of the poem are written in to the shape of the subject. E.g. a poem about a cat is written out to form the shape of a cat.

  • Please use the attached Greenfinch outline document to help you create the shape of a greenfinch or feel free to create your own shape!
  • Inside the shape write words about your time in Greenfinch class. These can rhyme or not, they can form sentences or just phrases or individual words.
  • Please make sure you are using joined, neat handwriting when you write.
  • You may like to use different coloured pens or pencils to write – like this … Concrete "Shape" Poems - Lessons - Tes Teach
  • Or you may like to shade pale colours over the top once you are finished – like this…

Shape poetry 4 th gr 2014 - YouTube

As always, we would love to see the things you have done this week via the greenfinch class email address or by sharing on the class blog.


This week I would like you to look back through the White Rose home learning resources at

Here you will see ALL of the home learning that has been made available by White Rose since lockdown began.

If you click on the + icons each section will expand to let you see the topic for each week.

  • Each day please choose a previous topic to work through (or a topic that you did not cover originally) and fill in the attached Maths recap and refresh grid

You may also find it useful to look at some of the BBC Bitesize Maths Topics at

Don’t forget……

Karate Cats Maths Karate Cats will help you to keep your Maths skills sharp and remember some of the Maths we have learnt in Year 1, Year 2 and at the beginning of Year 3. Choose Bronze level questions for an easy start, Silver for a bit more of a challenge or Gold for a much harder challenge!

Daily times tables

Please practice your times tables for about 10 minutes each day. “Little and often” is the best way to make those times tables facts stick, and they help you a huge amount in your calculations in other areas of maths. You can use any of the following resources or, of course, some ideas of your own!