PE and school sports! Spring 2022

Year 5 basketball team. We were so impressed with their respectful attitudes, teamwork and determination. They showed great skill and Amayah was a wonderful team captain! Well done!

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PE and School Sport: Autumn 2021

Children in need Joe Wicks exercise!

The whole school enjoyed taking part in Joe Wick’s children in need exercise session, which included a fun quiz and lots of moving – it was fantastic to get everybody in the school exercising at once and having fun whilst raising money! The final total was £561! Thank you so much to everyone who donated.

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Cross country:

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Description automatically generated We took some children from KS2 to the beautiful setting of Langley School. We were so impressed with their wonderful teamwork and the way that they supported each other. They embodied the school values wonderfully. They showed great stamina and determination when running, as a result we had some very successful results! A huge thank you to Mrs Patience and Mrs Sears for coming and supporting the children. It was a particularly cold day and I think the hot chocolate when we returned added to the children’s enjoyment of the day too!

Jaya Bollywood Dance:

We were very lucky to have Tina from Jaya Bollywood dance in school for two days, running sessions with all of the children in the school. Everybody was engaged with the sessions and enjoyed learning a routine and getting dressed up in traditional dress. This enriched and broadened the range of activities on offer to the children and was a great success. We are hoping that Tina may be able to run an after-school club at Wicklewood in the future so watch this space!

Girls Football:

It was such a pleasure to take such a wonderful, helpful and kind group of girls to the South Norfolk Football tournament at Goals Football Centre in Norwich. The Year 5 and 6 team came 2nd out of 11 teams! They did not lose a match until the last game; their teamwork and enthusiasm were fantastic to see! Year 3 and 4 improved massively as a team and they showed great resilience and determination, coming 5th out of 8 teams. A huge thank you to Mrs Thacker for helping with this trip!

Santa Dash:

The children enjoyed a run around the school dressed up to celebrate the festive season! EYFS and KS1 had a route around the field where they had to count ‘santas’ on the way! KS2 had a longer and more varied route around the whole school and had to answer quiz questions as they ran! We had lots of fun dressing up and getting active as a school! The children, especially KS2 showed amazing values in the way that they supported other children, particularly the younger ones. Thank you for the amazing costumes! It was great to see the staff joining in too!

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A small group of children from KS2 went to an inclusive event at Framlingham Earl High School on Monday 13th December 2021. They got to participate in 7 different events including curling, basketball and parachute games, they had lots of fun and learnt different skills. They showed the sports and school values very well and supported all members of the team beautifully. Here are some of the highlights below! Thank you to parents for arranging transport for you children in order to make this opportunity possible!

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Virtual Sports Day



Next week would have been our KS1 and KS2 sports days, although things are a little bit different at the moment, we did not want that to stop us… so we have changed the way that we are doing it this year!

Miss Marriott and Mrs Thacker have given you 5 races/challenges to complete:

  1. Triple speed bounce jump.
  2. Hurdles (all 5 hurdles count as 1 time through/1 point).
  3. ‘Sock’/egg and spoon race.
  4. Target throw.
  5. Dribble course.

We have made a video to show how to do each one. You can find these below.

  • Any (safe) objects can be used to do these challenges – toys or tea towels work just as well!
  • Count how many times through you can do each challenge in 30 seconds (you will need somebody to time you).
  • These challenges can be made harder by moving the obstacles further apart and increasing the distance or made easier by moving them closer together.
  • Put your family’s score (everybody is welcome to join in but please only put on 1 score per person) on the Microsoft forms link for your colour team (please check you are putting it on the right one).
  • Have fun – keep active Wicklewood!
  • If you would like to share some pictures of you completing our virtual sports day, please send them to – we would love to see them!

Norfolk Academy of Gymnastics

A group of children from Swift had the opportunity to go to Norfolk Academy of Gymnastics on Friday 18th January. In the morning, we were able to use the amazing equipment at the centre; they particularly enjoyed swinging and jumping off the bars, landing in the soft foam! In the afternoon, they showed a huge amount of courage as they had to perform a floor routine in front of an audience and compete in a vault competition. It was a superb day and as always, we were really proud of our children’s kindness and attitudes.

Karate Taster Day – Tuesday 29th January 2019

All classes had a wonderful day experiencing the ESKA karate sessions. We learnt lots of moves, the importance of self-discipline and had great fun at the same time. A big thank you to Matt for coming in and spending the day with us!