Lapwing Class wc 13th July

I cannot believe this is the last week that I will set you home learning. It has been an absolute pleasure having you in all in Lapwing class this year and I will miss you all lots. I wish you the best of luck for Year 5 and have a fantastic and relaxing summer holiday – you have worked so hard and I am so proud of the progress that you have made this year.

Stay safe. I look forward to seeing you on Monday 20th July in school to say goodbye. Miss Marriott

Maths – we are carrying on with shape this week – symmetry, position and direction, and coordinates.

^^ We are following the week commencing 13/7/20 on White Rose Maths – I have attached the link to the videos – The worksheets and answers are attached as PDFs.

Times tables:

  • Daily – TT rockstars – keep practising!
  • On komodo maths, have another go at the grid – how many can you turn over?
  • There are also some good videos to help you relate division facts to multiplication Can you turn the multiplication facts you know into division sentences? How many can you do? For an extra challenge – can you look at square numbers on the site too this week please. Can you recognise them all?


This week we have a mixture of English skills to focus on each day.

Monday – Reading: Can I retrieve information from a text?

This week you have a non-fiction book about the Stone Age (attached as a PDF).


Read a part of the book to make your fact file e.g. only the animals page. Reading with an adult to help you as needed. Make a fact file about that part. E.g. animals/the woolly mammoth.


As above + read the whole book, making notes about any facts you find out.

Make a fact file about a chosen area afterwards. What can you discover about the Stone Age?


As above + make a quiz with your knowledge. I have made a 2Quiz 2Do on Purple Mash if you would like to use this. Then we can set your quizzes for the rest of the class if you hand it in to me.

Post any questions/key facts on the class blog too!

Tuesday –SPaG: Can I recap key SPaG terminology? Challenge attached as a PDF.


Complete the challenge and mark it to see how much you have remembered!


As above + make yourself a poster about any SPaG terms that came up e.g. can you explain the different word types – adjectives etc…


As above + make a glossary of as many SPaG terms as you can remember from this year.

Wednesday – Spelling: Can I recap spellings? Word activities and lists attached as PDFs.


On purple mash, I have set 2 games about the high frequency words for you to complete.

Complete 1 of the word mats focusing on a word of your choice.


There are lots of spelling games on Purple Mash for you to recap the Year 3 and 4 words. I would suggest doing these gradually throughout the week.

Choose more than 1 word to focus on in the spelling mat activities. Could you make a spelling mat to help you with any words on the 3/4 word list that you are still unsure of?


Complete the Purple Mash spelling activities gradually throughout the week.

Can you make spelling mats for any words on the Year 3 and 4 list that you are not sure of?

Can you look at the Year 5 and 6 word list – how many can you read/spell? Can you use some of the fun ways we have used this year to practise them?

Thursday – Inference/writing skills: Can I write accurate (and interesting) sentences? Gazelle sheet attached as a PDF. What a fantastic picture!


Look at the picture and discuss the questions. Write as many responses to these as you can – really focus on your sentences today, do they make sense? Have you remembered your punctuation? Have you used your best handwriting?


As above + sick sentences.


As above + sentence challenge using some super similes!

Friday – writing skills: Can I improve sentences? Carrying on the work from yesterday.


Sick sentences – can you improve them?


Sentence challenges – similes. Remember these from last week with Luke Temple!

Look at the story starters – how would you move the story on? Discuss possible ways you could do this with somebody.


Using the story starters – please have a go at developing the story. What will happen? Can you use some of the devices that you used last week with Luke Temple – similes/metaphors/alliteration/powerful vocabulary – adjectives/adverbs?

I would love to see your writing – please ask an adult to send it to the Lapwing email address so I can give you some feedback!

Have a brilliant summer holiday Lapwings! Thank you for being so caring, thoughtful and enjoyable to teach this year. I have loved getting to know you all!

Take care,

Miss Marriott