Kingfisher Class wc 13th July

Goodness – who would have believed that we have reached the final week of primary school for you all and that it be so unlike any last week we have ever known! There are many things we would have liked to have done with you all, but we hope that you will leave us with happy memories and are looking forward to your new high school lives.

As any last week should, this one looks a bit different – we want to concentrate on transition activities rather than lots of English and Maths, although there is some of that to do too.

Transition Tasks

Class blog – we may not be able to say goodbye in the usual way, but why not sent a post to the class to say your farewells and wish everyone good luck. It would be lovely to see a message from every single one of you!

Crucial Crew– normally all the Y6 children in the county are invited to an event at Easton College where they are given lots of really useful advice and go through different scenarios to help keep you safe as you move on to high school. This year they have made a virtual event for you which you can access here:

There is also an excellent website set up by UEA which has a video and then a booklet to help you get ready for secondary school. I really recommend it!

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Description automatically generatedEnglish with a difference!

The British Library have a website packed with ideas that may spark your interest, and you could check them out over the summer holidays if you fancied something different to do. It includes things like making miniature books, creative comic book characters and writing your own nonsense directory. It really is worth a look.

Physical Activity – don’t forget to keep your physical health up in all the weeks you have over the holidays. Now that we can go out a bit more, and especially now that playgrounds are open again – why not venture out and get yourselves fit on the monkey bars etc?

In terms of transition – have a look at your high school’s information – what are you going to need for PE kit? Think about how you are going to get organised and remember to pack it and have it in school on the right days? Life will be different in high school – you probably won’t be able to leave it in school all the time and you definitely can’t expect parents to be dropping it off if you forget it!!

English and Maths   


This week we are not setting daily plans –

  • for maths there is a booklet based on organizing a cake sale (another thing we would have been doing earlier this term!!). There are lots of practical problems to work through based on the whole of the Y6 maths curriculum – you do need to work in order as you need the answers to some questions to answer later ones.

Don’t forget that you have your CGP revision and workbooks for maths and English if there are areas that you are not sure on, it’s worth trying to do a little bit over the summer to make sure you are well prepared for September – so this week, go through and make a note of any topics you are unsure of and come up with a plan of action!


Day 1

  • I would like you all to write a letter to the incoming Year 6 which I can share with them next term. It should be a general letter to all the class, and in it I would like you to think about what might be important for them to know as they start their final year at Primary School. Go on to Purple Mash and go to the 2Dos to find a template where you can write and save your letter 😊
  • Choose a service from the Crucial Crew website listed above and explore some of their activities.

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  • Art –

You have achieved so much at Wicklewood and now it is time to reflect upon what makes you proud. Why not create a “Wheel of achievements” that displays your proudest moments? You can label each section with subject names eg. Maths, PE but also things like “Friendship” or “Hobbies.” Draw a picture or write a sentence in each section to show what you are proud of.

Day 2

There are some really useful videos to look at. You might like to see what it is like to be at Primary school and moving up, and then move on to the Secondary school ones. Don’t forget – if you feel anxious that is quite normal!

A picture containing window, mirror, clock

Description automatically generated Choose a couple to look at.

  • Make a comic strip

Some of your best memories will be silly ones that make you giggle, some of them might be in our leavers book. Why not make an amusing comic strip of a funny moment from your school journey. Include thought bubbles and speech bubbles to bring it to life. Use bold colours.

  • Do the website scavenger hunt (see attached sheet)

Day 3

  • Choose a couple more of the Crucial Crew services to look at.
  • If you haven’t finished the Maths work, do some more on that, and also have another look at BBC Bitesize.
  • If you are worried about moving up to Secondary School Childline have some good ideas to help you feel more at ease:

Day 4

  • Choose a couple more of the Crucial Crew services. These are so important and really interesting!

  • Bucket list

Not only is it important to value your past achievements, but also to set yourself some new goals. Why not create a “bucket list” of things that you want to achieve in your first year of Secondary School. This could include points such as making new friends; taking the bus to school by yourself etc.

There might also be some things you want to achieve in the holidays before you start. Learning to tie a tie,

baking a cake; completing the Summer Reading Challenge etc. etc.

  • Also look at the video on Young Minds which is what it is like for children when they move up to High School.

Day 5

  • Coming together to celebrate the end of Year 6 is an important time in your life. We are going to miss you next year! Your Leavers’ book will have some happy memories to share. Can you add something to our Blog to share with your classmates? We hope that some of you will be able to get together in a socially distanced way over the summer holidays.
  • Look at the Day 5 Transition PowerPoint attached from the PHSE Association. Use the sheet of resources to record your answers.
  • Take a well-earned rest after all your hard work this term!

Please come back and see us next year when it is safe to do so 😊

Have Fun – it should be a good week. Happy learning!


Finally, a note for your parents. Thank you so much for supporting your children at home with their learning, and also in keeping them active and – most important of all – HAPPY. It has been such a difficult time and we are very grateful for all that you do for them.

Normally in school we would be doing activities to remind children about Staying Safe Online. If you would like some tips on how to speak to your child about this, please go to:

It’s a good, trustworthy site has some very useful ideas and guidelines.

Also at this time, we would normally have covered Puberty in order to ready the children for High School. As we have not been able to do this, I have attached some guidance and a PowerPoint from the PHSE Association which you may like to use to tackle this important subject at home.