Virtual Sports Day



Next week would have been our KS1 and KS2 sports days, although things are a little bit different at the moment, we did not want that to stop us… so we have changed the way that we are doing it this year!

Miss Marriott and Mrs Thacker have given you 5 races/challenges to complete:

  1. Triple speed bounce jump.
  2. Hurdles (all 5 hurdles count as 1 time through/1 point).
  3. ‘Sock’/egg and spoon race.
  4. Target throw.
  5. Dribble course.

We have made a video to show how to do each one. You can find these below.

  • Any (safe) objects can be used to do these challenges – toys or tea towels work just as well!
  • Count how many times through you can do each challenge in 30 seconds (you will need somebody to time you).
  • These challenges can be made harder by moving the obstacles further apart and increasing the distance or made easier by moving them closer together.
  • Put your family’s score (everybody is welcome to join in but please only put on 1 score per person) on the Microsoft forms link for your colour team (please check you are putting it on the right one).
  • Have fun – keep active Wicklewood!
  • If you would like to share some pictures of you completing our virtual sports day, please send them to – we would love to see them!