Swift Class 15th June

Wicklewood Primary School Swift class Year 2

 Hello Wonderful Swifts,

Every Monday I will set your phonics, English and maths work for the week. All the resources you need will be at the bottom of this webpage. Don’t forget to look at the ‘family challenge’ activities on the website as well. The maths and English activities are the most important things for you to complete, but you may enjoy one (or more) of the family challenges.

Parents/carers can now email me at swift@wicklewood.norfolk.sch.uk with any questions, and you can send me one piece of work a week that you are proud of. All emails must be from a parent email account.

Join us on Friday at 2pm for the Virtual Big Sing with celebrity performers (Jessie J is one of them).

Stay safe

Miss Harvey 😊



I would like you to read some eBooks as well as the books you have at home. Read for 15 minutes a day and share stories with your family. You may also enjoy the new Winnie the Witch story and the ‘Everybody Worries’ picture book both on Oxford Owl!

Use My Class Login button (classname: swift class, password: year2) on www.oxfordowl.co.uk website to access the ebooks.

Read the following books by filtering series to Read Write Inc or by age group. The books I want you to read this week will be based on your Read Write Inc colour group we use for phonics.

Free readers you have a non-fiction and fiction book to enjoy each week.

RWI Group

Read Write Inc eBook

Age Filter



Sun hat fun

4-5 years

Tiger’s family


Rag the rat

4-5 years

What’s the weather like today?


A bad mood

5-6 years

No tricks gran


In the park

6-7 years

Beaks and feet


A hole in my tooth

6-7 years

Mini Marvels


Dinosaur times

6-7 years

Oh Otto

Free Reader


9-11 years

7-9 years

Non-fiction: Space scientist

Fiction: Doohickey and the robot

Read, Write, Inc.

Your child will need to practise their phonic ‘speed sounds’ and ’read ‘red words’ daily.

Please access the ‘Read Write Inc Phonics Lessons at Home Page’ on YouTube at

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo7fbLgY2oA_cFCIg9GdxtQ/featured for a daily phonics lesson.

The sound your child will need to focus on will depend on their RWI group before the school closure.

Your child’s RWI group

Set sound





















For children in Red/Green RWI Groups watch the ‘Read Red Words 1’ daily film.

For children in Orange/Yellow/Blue/Grey RWI Groups watch ‘Read longer words’ and ‘Read Red Words 2’ films.

All films will be released at 9.30 am from Monday to Friday. Don’t worry if you miss the lesson start time as the videos will remain available on the Read Write Inc YouTube channel for 24 hours.


Over the next two weeks we are going to use ‘Superheroes’ talk for writing booklet to help us with our English. I will explain which activities (pages) to do each day as well as some extra fun tasks!


Read the superhero fact files and then listen to or read the ‘playground rescue’ story. Complete the vocabulary challenge (page 5&6).

Can I listen to the story and explain to an adult what happened in the story?

Can I find the definitions to different words from the story?

Page 5&6

Can I think different words that mean the same as the highlighted words? e.g ordinary = normal or usual

Page 5&6 and extra task explained.


Listen to or read the ‘playground rescue’ story again. Complete the reading activities on page 7 or page 8. See peak challenge.

Can I discuss and write my ideas into the speech bubbles?

1 peak – Page 7

Can I answer questions about the story in complete sentences?

2 peak – Page 8

Can I answer questions about the story in complete sentences using evidence from the story in your answer?

3 peak – Page 8


This week’s spellings ‘adding the suffix -ment’

We can add the suffix -ment to a root word, we make a new word. We can add the suffix –ment to a verb to make a noun.

enjoy + ment = enjoyment

Spelling list: movement, enjoyment, measurement, punishment, treatment.

Complete spelling -ment activity sheet and the second activity on apostrophes.


I would like you to become a superhero – choose your name, describe yourself, choose your superpowers and design your symbol (page 9,10 & 11). Can you now write about yourself as a superhero on Purple Mash (see 2do). Optional art activity on page 13 you could do for fun!

Writing task: Creative challenge activity in booklet and purple mash writing task.

Can I write 3 simple sentences about myself as a superhero?

Capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Can I write about all of the aspect of the superhero and describe them in detail?

Can I explain why I choose this symbol using conjunctions?


Today we are going to write a superpower poem using the model of the ‘Dog special ear’ poem to help us (page 14). Use the superhero you created at the beginning of the week to help you. You can do this in your workbook, or you may enjoy completing this activity on Purple Mash (see 2do). Fun activity – Look out for the Purple Mash Superhero Mash cam too!

Writing task: Writing a superpower poem.

Can I complete the special ears poem following the pattern? Page 14.

Can I create my own special powers poem about my own superhero using the dog poem as a scaffold?

Can I create my own special powers poem including poetic features such as figurative language and similes?


With flying wings,

I soared through the whipped, fluffy clouds like soft ice cream peaks.


This week we are recapping division and developing our problem solving skills.

Watch the video and complete the activity document. This can be printed out or you can write the answers straight into your workbook/notepad. The answers are provided so that you can ‘tick or fix’ your work with an adult. If this is a little tricky for you, do the one peak challenge.

Monday https://vimeo.com/420582354

Week 6 Lesson 2 – Make equal groups (sharing)

Can I share to images and objects to create equal groups?

Practise sharing object into groups then 1 peak activity

Can I make equal groups by sharing?

White Rose activity

Can I make equal groups by sharing and solve division questions with fluency?

White rose & 3 peak activity

Tuesday https://vimeo.com/420582476

Week 6 Lesson 3 – Make equal groups (grouping)


Can I understand equal groups (grouping)?

1 peak activity

Can I make equal groups by grouping?

White rose activity

Can I make equal groups by grouping and apply my multiplication and division knowledge?

White rose activity and 3 peak activity

Wednesday https://vimeo.com/420582652

Week 6 Lesson 4– Odd and even numbers

Can I identify odd and even numbers?

1 peak activity

Can I identify odd and even numbers?

White rose activity

Can I apply my knowledge of odd and even numbers to reason mathematically?

White rose activity & 3 peak activity

Thursday https://vimeo.com/405440004

Week 2 Lesson 4 – Problem solving

Can I solve an addition problem?

Can I apply my maths knowledge to solve problems?

White rose activity

Can I apply my maths knowledge to solve problems?

White rose activity & 3 peak activity

Friday https://vimeo.com/413497019

Week 3 Lesson 2- Compare a + b > c + d

Can I compare number sentences with pictures?

1 peak activity

Can I compare number sentences and solve problems?

White rose activity

Can I solve tricky number sentence problems?

White rose activity & 3 peak activity