Lapwing Class wc 22nd June

I hope you had a wonderful week last week lovely Lapwings and enjoyed all of the exciting things that went on – I hope you had as much fun as this giraffe!

I have once again set maths and English learning for the week and you have the family challenge to have a go at too.

Stay safe. Miss Marriott

Maths – using our knowledge from our fractions topic, we are moving on to decimals, specifically tenths and hundredths, involving some dividing by 10 (digits move 1 place to the right) and 100 (2 digits to the right):

^^ Please follow the week commencing 8/6/20 on White Rose Maths – I have attached the link to the videos – The worksheets and the answers are attached as PDFs.

  • Monday – tenths as decimals.
  • Tuesday – divide 1 digit by 10.
  • Wednesday – hundredths as decimals.
  • Thursday – divide 1 or 2 digits by 100.
  • Friday – BBC Bitesize – handling data in football or you could do some of the mental maths PowerPoint if you would prefer.
    • EASIER ^ I have attached more clear and straightforward sheets for the week focusing on finding fractions from the abacus eBooks. There is a sheet for each day to complete.
    • HARDER ^^^ If you would like an extra fraction challenge give this a go. It involves chocolate!
    • Don’t forget the PowerPoint from last week to help with your mental maths, you could carry this on – I have attached it again in case it is useful.

Times tables:


Having had a look at our curriculum coverage for this year, there are a few SPaG areas that we could do with learning a little bit more about.

There is a PowerPoint and a video to support each objective and several different levels of challenge in each activity sheet (please be aware these are sometimes shown using stars). There are lots of different activities to choose from this week so please choose the level and an activity that you are comfortable with, you do not need to complete them all.

I have also set several 2Dos on Purple Mash for most areas of learning this week.

^ Given the first clause and a conjunction. Use conjunction word mat.

^^ Given the first clause. ^^^ Think of 2 clauses and an interesting conjunction to join them.

  • Thursday – making changes and improvements to grammar in sentences.



  • Friday – spelling – words that have y in that sounds like an ‘i’, usually in the middle of a word (normally sounds like an ‘e’ when at the end). Please make sure that you complete some handwriting and dictation today (sheets attached) as these are skills we need to maintain.



^ List B – can you remember to use a y in all of these words? Remember when the ‘y’ is making an ‘i’ sound – can you hear it?

  1. My
  2. Myth
  3. Gym
  4. Cry
  5. Fly
  6. By

^^ List A:

  • Hyphen
  • Dynamic
  • Egypt
  • Pyramid
  • Mystery
  • Rhyme

(^^^ extra ones to learn – pylon, hydrogen, python, typhoon, hygiene, hymn, system, symbol, lyric, typical, syrup – on spell zone, there is the option to look, cover, have a go at writing and the computer checks it for you).


  • Remember that you have a book called ‘Settlers’ (7 chapters) as 2Dos on Purple Mash and guided reading questions to answer about them too. I have set a chapter and the questions each day. You have until 29/6/20 to read the whole book and answer the questions. Enjoy .
  • ^^^ Extra challenge – can you focus on your intonation when reading this week? If you are not sure what this is, there is an explanation and examples here
  • Don’t forget that the Summer reading challenge has started. The details can be found here ! Keep reading .

If you would like to send any work to me, don’t forget that you can on our class email (from an adult’s email address remember). I always love to see your hard work and learning!

Don’t forget to put what you have been up to on our class blog on purple mash too!

Have a fantastic week .