Lapwing Class 15th June

I hope you had a wonderful week last week lovely Lapwings! I hope you look as happy as this horse!

I have set maths and English learning for the week and you have the family challenge to complete too.

Stay safe. Miss Marriott

Maths – another week of fractions:

^^ Please follow the week commencing 1/6/20 on White Rose Maths – I have attached the link to the videos – worksheets and the answers are attached as PDFs.

  • Monday – add fractions. There is also a fun activity to support adding fractions – all you need is some paper! You could send me a picture of you doing this to our lapwing email address (from an adult email address of course!).
  • Tuesday – subtract fractions.
  • Wednesday – fractions of quantities.
  • Thursday – calculate quantities.
  • Friday – maths challenge.
    • EASIER ^ I have attached more clear and straightforward sheets for the week focusing on finding and comparing fractions. You could have a go at this challenge and think about which lengths of paper would make a whole or a half etc. You could make your own with strips of paper.
    • HARDER ^^^ If you would like an extra fraction challenge give this a go.
    • If you would like to practise more mental maths, I have attached a mental maths PowerPoint which you may like to do a bit of each day. The questions start off quite easy but get harder as you go through.

Times tables:

  • Monday – play bingo with a times table that you need to practise e.g. write down numbers that are all in the 9 x table (if this is one you need to work on) and somebody calls 4 x 9… if you have the answer you can cross it off. Can you cross all of your numbers off, how quickly?
  • Tuesday – make some memory cards – have 2 sets of cards – one with question e.g. 6 x 4 and create a matching pair that is the answer e.g. 24. If you turn the correct ones over you can win those cards – the player with the most cards wins. Just remember to keep them in the same place so you can remember where they are if you need to turn them over again!
  • Wednesday – recite your times tables whilst doing something active, like marching, doing star jumps or shuttle runs (you get the time it takes you to run there and back to work out the answer).
  • Daily – TT rockstars – challenge somebody – I am happy to be challenged too!


This week in English, we are using ‘The Alchemist’s Letter’ from the Literacy Shed file:///C:/Users/Miss%20Marriott/Downloads/The%20Alchemist’s%20Letter%20KS2%20Activity%20Pack%20-%20The%20Alchemist’s%20Letter%20KS2%20Pack.pdf – I have attached this as a PDF.

  • Monday PAGES 3 & 4 – get to know the story/watch the video ( and discuss with an adult (there are lots of questions – ^ page 3 up until what precious means, ^^ up to why does he throw the watch away, ^^^ as many questions you can do on page 4 too.

The term ‘metaphor’ is used, remember this is a way to compare two things by saying something is something else that is cannot rally be, but it is a good description e.g. her hair was the sun (to show something is bright).

  • Tuesday PAGES 5 & 6– keep your eyes open on page 5 – remind yourself of what happened in the video/story and complete a comic strip of the story. Do you know the plot well?
  • Wednesday PAGE 7 – vocabulary work. ^ You need to think of another word for fashioned (how many can you think of – which is the best one?) and write your own super sentences. Let’s practise our spelling and handwriting in this too today please.

Extra – if you would like to do the word streams on PAGE 12 this is a great way to help with spellings, you change one letter at a time to see how much you can change the original word! They are great fun.

  • Thursday PAGE 8 – PAGE 8 – Writing based on why memories are so important. What memories do you have? Why are they special to you? What memories will you have from your time in lockdown?

^^^ Extra – PAGE 14 – you could write a letter/make a time capsule to remember this time and what you have treasured. This would be nice to open when things get back to normal.

  • Friday – PAGE 10 & 11 – read the setting description given as an example. There are videos of each device you are looking for in case you have forgotten what they are.

^ Can you find adjectives, interesting vocabulary?

^^ How does the alliteration and similes add to the description?

^^^ How do all of these techniques, metaphors and personification up level this description? Can you improve this description by changing words or adding parts?

Your turn! imagine that sometime after Veridion left, were walking through the woods and notice that the cottage door was swinging open. This tempted you to take a look inside… Can you act this out? Write your own setting description using some of the devices from the example.

If you would like to send your setting description to me using our class email (from an adult’s email address remember) please do – I will read them and give you some feedback .


  • This week you have a book called ‘Settlers’ (7 chapters) as 2Dos on Purple Mash, you also have guided reading questions to answer about them too. I have set a chapter and the questions each day and this will be your guided reading for the next 2 weeks so you have until 29/6/20 to read the whole book and answer the questions. Enjoy . Can you tell us your favourite part of this book on our class blog? GO TO PURPLE MASH AND PRESS ON SHARING AT THE TOP (THE GREEN ICON), THEN GO ON SHARED BLOGS – THE SECOND ONE ALONG AND PRESS ON LAPWING CLASS. I WILL APPROVE ALL SENSIBLE POSTS . FEEL FREE TO SHARE WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING AND WHAT IS MAKING YOU HAPPY.


We are moving on to words that have ‘cher’ at the end, this sounds a bit similar to our ‘ture’ ending – can you notice the difference in the sound they make? Remember short, daily practise is best .

  • Monday – practise with best handwriting.
  • Tuesday – you have 3 2Dos about suffixes. ^ suffixes with wolf (no change needed to root words). ^^ suffixes s/es memory card game. ^^^ adding suffixes to verbs (er, ed, ion).
  • Wednesday – pyramid practise!
  • Thursday – can you spell these words backwards too? You could play hangman with them.
  • Friday – Ask somebody to give you weekly spelling challenge. How many other words can you think of with ‘cher’ at the end?

^^ List A:

  • Voucher
  • Butcher
  • Researcher
  • Dispatcher
  • Scratcher
  • Stretcher

^ List B – can you remember to add er at the end of these words?

  1. Rich
  2. Richer
  3. Teach
  4. Teacher
  5. Catch
  6. Catcher

^^^ Can you explain what each of these words mean?

Don’t forget BBC Bitesize also have some great learning on their website too.

This week – try our virtual sports day and put your results on your coloured form. See the PE part of the school website.

Virtual big sing (join in on Friday 19/6/20 at 2pm) – details on the school website.

Have a fantastic week .