Kingfisher Class wc 29th June

This week Mrs Smith will be putting together your end of year book – she has to get it to the publishers by Wednesday lunchtime so if you have got any amendments we’ve asked you to do or you haven’t sent it in at all yet, please do this as your first task on Monday. If we don’t have it in time, we simply can’t include it and that would be a real shame.

Michael Rosen – remember the poem we did last week “These are the Hands” that Michael Rosen wrote about the NHS? I read this morning that he is now out of hospital having recovered from Coronavirus. Good news indeed! 😊

Daily/Regular Tasks

TT ROCKSTARS – don’t stop practising your tables – I can see that only 29% of you have been on the site in the last week – I know you think you know them, but it is the speed as well as the knowledge that makes the difference. We can all run, but unless we train, we’ll never be athletes and it’s the same with our tables! Looking at the school statistics, we’ve only got one person in the top ten in the school – I’m sure we should and could be up there!!

Thank you all of you who are doing Purple Mash activities, over half of you are. Do have a look they are fun, especially the lunch menu!

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The website Read for Good has lots of ideas of things you can look at for Parents and Children alike. It is packed with good ideas. Check it out!!&utm_content=110793

Writing – I would rather you concentrated on getting your autobiographical piece finished by Wednesday at the latest!

Spelling –

There is a new Spelling 2Do revising some more words you have learnt. Due 6th July. There is also a sheet attached as a PDF where you can practise the words you have been learning so far this term! It is good to see that more of you are doing these spelling activities, let’s have even more of you!

Physical Activity – Don’t forget that if you are in school you will be doing some physical activity. It’s up to you what activity you do at home, but it is important to keep a routine going. Rather than setting PE for you each week, try to join in with the Joe Wicks live school workout sessions.  Google PE with Joe.

Also if you look at Day 1 of English there are two dance move videos, and you could practise them instead!

If you want to try something a bit energetic this week, try this Muay Thai martial arts work out!

English and Maths

To give your child a set of fully planned and accessible tasks to do at home, we are recommending Hamilton Trust’s website.  They have a daily lesson for both English and Maths for Year 6.   There are five lessons for each subject and there are different levels of challenge in them – just click on the link below – Then scroll down to the “From our blog” feature and you will find the “Learning at Home Packs” picture – click on that to find the plans for your child.

You will need to click on Maths Learning Pack Week 12 and English Learning Pack Week XX to download the materials for this week.

Don’t forget that you have your CGP revision and workbooks for maths and English – if you are finding any of the Hamilton Tasks a bit difficult, go back and have a look at that section in these.

Maths – Week 12 Hamilton plans:

This week, we are reminding ourselves of fractions, decimals and percentages and then looking at number sequences. As always – read through all the worksheets and challenges to find a level of work that is right for you.

Make sure you go through the PowerPoint on Monday – it has good explanations to listen to. Remember to use a place value chart to help you convert fractions to decimals.

On Tuesday you are going to find percentages of amounts – this video is a good reminder of how to find simple percentages and then use them to calculate more difficult ones:

Wednesday is a reminder on multiplying fractions – don’t panic – this is the easiest thing to do with them! Don’t forget to simplify your answer if you can. For a really good challenge, make sure you tackle the investigation at the end.

On Thursday you are finding missing numbers in a sequence. Watch out for those that use decimals, fractions or negative numbers. Make sure you do the last sheet – “Check your understanding”.

Friday asks you to find the “nth” term (the rule) in a number sequence – for that you need to work out the formula. Have a look at this video to remind you of the steps you need to go through to find out the rule – follow the steps carefully and you will succeed – the great thing is that you can pause and rewind if you need to go through it again!

Don’t forget you have squared paper in your maths book so you can draw grids to work on in those.

If you want to try an algebra puzzle or two try these: or

If you are stuck – click the Getting Started tab and it will give you something to help you off the starting blocks!

English Week 12 Hamilton Plans

Before you start this week’s English, please note that if you have been sent your autobiography extract to amend, you MUST do this as well by Weds lunchtime or you will miss the deadline to be printed in our Leaver’s Book!

Day 1

One Peak do 1 and 2. Two Peaks do 1 and 2. Three Peaks do 1, and all of 3. But for all of you your PE workout on Monday could be the dance moves. Should be great fun.

Day 2

One Peak do 1 and 2. Two Peaks do 1,2 and Question 1 Saturn V Stages. Three Peaks do 1,2,3 and Funtime Extra if you like.

Day 3

One Peak do Question 1 and read first article about Skateboarding: How to Get Started and annotate that. Also choose one article from Question 2 and answer questions on it. Two Peaks do 1 and 2 but answer questions on 2 or more articles. Three Peaks do all 1,2 with all four articles and question 3 if you want to.

Day 4

One Peak Do Question 1 and rewrite Extract 1 in Question 2. Two Peaks Do Question 1 and all of Question 2 and Question 3. Three Peaks do Questions 1,2,3 and create a fact file about modern-day Egypt. How does it compare with when you learnt about the Ancient Egyptians?

Day 5

One Peak do Question 1 and talk to an adult or older sibling about what you thought. Can you do a few examples for Question 2? Two Peak do Question 1 and 2. Three Peaks do questions 1,2 and 3. The Fun Time Extra is suitable for anybody who would like to do it.

Happy learning! 😊