Kestrel Class wc 29th June

Hello caring Kestrels!

Talk about hot! Can you believe the sun we’ve had? I’ve got a new topic up on the blog this week, the challenge is to post a fact about Mayans, we’re aiming to get to 50 facts, I’ve started us off. To access the blog, log into purple mash then click on the sharing icon that is at the top (a green globe) then the shared blog tab and then the Kestrel blog.

Daily Tasks

Magical Mayans!

Please be aware that the Magical Mayans folder below is a working document that I have recently created so resources may move and the folders will be added to periodically. If you have any questions please email me: Have fun!

Wow! I can’t believe how many of you have been getting involved about Mayans and I am so glad as it’s a fantastic topic we didn’t get a chance to cover this year. I’ve given lots of thought into research and I hope you keep researching using the different links, try out a quiz or complete activities.

Some activities that I wish I’d come up with but were done by parents this week:

  • Making a Mayan meal using ingredients the Mayans had.
  • Mayan art – using leaves and outdoor materials with interesting textures to print repeating patterns. (Paint onto the leaf or object and press it onto the page)

Let me know if you have any other suggestions or do anything else interesting that others might enjoy, I would love to hear them and share them if you’re happy for me to do so.

Theo shared his completed Mayan Timeline on the blog this week if you fancy checking it out! (Thanks Theo)

You can tick off the activities from the grid as you go. Remember, in school we would do 2 extended theme lessons a week and I would try to incorporate elements of Math and English so you can practise your skills within other subjects as well as learning about our topic so don’t shy away from picking those. Try to vary the activities that you choose.

^ One peak – 2 tasks a week.

^^ Two peaks – 3-4 tasks a week.

^^^ Three peaks – 5+ tasks a week.

Or if you’re willing and have the time, you could try following my planning and using the resources in the folders as if you were having the actual lessons. You will need somebody to have these discussions with though and I know that it’s very limiting being at home.


The summer reading challenge has opened early this year and is online now.

Details at

A lot of you really enjoyed reading Chapter 1 of Our Big Kitchen, this week in your 2dos you will see chapter 2 and 3 of ‘Our Big Kitchen’ – take your time reading this. For each chapter there is a multiple choice comprehension quiz and an open question comprehension quiz (this one will send to me for marking, the multiple choice will tell me your scores) to complete after you read the chapter.

^ One peak/^^ Two peak – complete the multiple choice quiz.

^^^Three peak – complete the SPaG quiz and the multiple choice quiz and the open question comprehension quiz

Greater depth – Considering characters.

Have you ever had a time when you felt worried or anxious that somebody wouldn’t accept you?

What adjectives would you use to describe your feelings at that time?

What helped you to get through?

What advice would you give to Sienna?

Which other characters have we met so far?

Who do you think is going to be a key character and why?

How might they influence Sienna?

English and Maths

Remember, if your child is coming into school they need to be following the English and Maths detailed here at home as this is what will be followed in school and they will otherwise be lacking skills/previous work from the sequences, please don’t let them go ahead either or they will be repeating work.

Otherwise, you are welcome to use other activities that better suit your home-learning environment and/or try out the links provided on this page:

English – Talk for Writing

Hi all, I changed my mind this week so ignore what I said in my video as I’d been undecided but I like this activity more and I think you will too. Instead of Hamilton, I thought it would be a good round up of skills if over the last few weeks we have a go at some writing pieces to put what you’ve learnt into practise.

Day 1. Pages 1-10. A big chunk today but a lot of it is just reading the story which you will be referring back to and exploring all week so take the time to consider what is happening in the story, talk to an adult about it, compare it to other books and pick out and look up unfamiliar words or phrases.

Day 2. Pages 11-13. Reading comprehension day. Questions about the text that will help to ensure you understand the story fully. Use these tips:

  • Answer in full sentences.
  • Use evidence (key words, phrases or sentences) from the text in your answers.
  • Refer to characters by name to show your understanding.

SPaG skills challenge: Complete pages 14-16 to practise your use of grammar.

^ 1 Peak – Complete the questions given

^^ 2 Peak – Complete the questions then come up with 3 of your own questions, if you email them to me, I will reply and answer them!

^^^3 Peak – Complete the questions, come up with 3 of your own (email them to me if you like) and then, imagine you were a character in the game. Write a short paragraph giving yourself a role in the story, it doesn’t matter if it overlaps with what happens in the actual story. For example:

Eric took a look around the room, he saw that everyone was scared and decided to take action. Two sixes had been rolled. The game was finally over and things were getting back to normal but he knew that people were worried it might happen again. He picked up the game, took out a marker and wrote in huge, thick, black letters ‘DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!’. He was sure that would stop this happening again. As he put the game away he took a final look across the class, nobody was even looking his way, perhaps they forgot it had even happened.

Day 3. Pages 17-19. Rewriting the problem! Beginning here:

^ 1 Peak – Complete the pages as they are.

^^ 2 Peak – Complete the pages, come up with 2 or 3 problems that could come out of the game, Write 3 ways that the children could react to those things including adjectives.

^^^3 Peak – Complete the pages, come up with 3-5 problems that the game could cause/things that could come out of the game. Once you complete page 19, read through your work again and try to add more detail to enhance the mood of the piece and make it more dramatic, you can do this by using the senses.

For example:

At that moment, the entire room became silent. At the front of the room Maggie shivered and an icy cold spread throughout the class. A cool frost began to creep along the floor. Ear-piercing screams rang through the air. A bang louder than fireworks sounded. Silence. Miss Marfleet signalled to the children to get down onto the floor as the door handle turned.

You can play with your work then and start to vary your sentence lengths to build suspense or start changing out adjectives for synonyms using a thesaurus (there are some great online ones).

Day 4. Pages 20-22. Get planning! Beginning here:

^ 1 Peak – Complete the planning boxes in the booklet.

^^ 2 Peak – Complete the planning boxes in the booklet, then add adjectives that you can use to make your writing more interesting.

^^^3 Peak – Complete the planning boxes, then on a separate piece of paper/in your book, split your page into 6 and label each section: adjectives, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, nouns and sentence openers and fill in each section with interesting examples of each that you can put into your text when it comes to writing. For example in the verbs section, don’t put walk, put strolled or stumbled or wandered.

Finally, for Day 5 – Page 23 onwards, time to put all of those skills into practise and write your story! Good luck, please do email your stories to me at when you’re finished! I would love to see your work and feedback.

Maths – Week 10 White Rose Maths plans:

This week we will be following the White Rose Maths Home learning pages at We are up-to-date and carrying on at week 10, dated 29th June.

PLEASE NOTE that the activity and answer sheets are now attached below to this webpage and are not available from the White Rose website.

I’ve put some links below in the ‘Additional Support for Angles’ section and I would recommend for everyone to watch these before you start the lessons this week. We’re moving onto a new topic (finally the end of fractions, decimals and percentages has come) and for a lot of you this will be completely new learning, so take the time to watch additional videos.

Additional Support for decimals: – What is an angle? – Simple explanation for parents and pupils and video and interactive protractor to have a go! I like this one!! – video and down left hand side, advancements on that video if you want to keep learning more. – measuring and drawing angles with a protractor – video – interesting diagrams


Lesson 1 – Measure with a protractor.

Please use the presentation on the website and the attached activity sheets below.


Lesson 2 – Drawing lines and angles accurately.

Please use the presentation on the website and the attached activity sheets below.


Lesson 3 – Calculating angles on a straight line.

Please use the presentation on the website and the attached activity sheets below.


Lesson 4 – Calculating angles around a point.

Please use the presentation on the website and the attached activity sheets below.


Maths challenge day! Or, use this as an opportunity to go back and revisit anything you have found challenging so far.

Additional games / extensions / challenges

If you would like more of a challenge for your child, please look at the additional section below and I would highly recommend joining in with Gareth Metcalfe’s daily Y5 & 6 Maths lessons at these are a wonderful resource and focus on depth of knowledge, really understanding the concepts and exploring them instead of just acknowledging the answers. These are very accessible for learners and you can pause the videos to go at your own pace.

Don’t forget to have a look at the Magical Mayans! Check out the kestrel blog on purple mash and complete this week’s reading and quizzes. Stay safe everyone!

Miss M

Magical Mayans