Robin Class w/c 4th May

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I hope your home schooling is going well and you found the online lessons with Miss Brown and Mr Latham helpful last week.

Please find below the Year 1 English and Maths activities for this week. Friday is a bank holiday so no home school on this day!

Well done to all the adults helping you. I know you are balancing other work with this home learning so do what you can and don’t forget to cut yourself some slack!


Logon onto and use ‘My Class Login’ button (classname: robinclass, password: book) to access this week’s ebooks.

RWI Group Read Write Inc eBook Age Filter eBook
Red Fat Frog 4-5 years The Ox and the Yak
Green The Get Fit Club 4-5 years The Birthday Cake
Orange Fright Night 5-6 years Kipper and the Trolls
Yellow A Hungry Fox 6-7 years Rumpelstiltskin
Blue On Your Bike 6-7 years Attack of the Centipede
Grey Silly Games 6-7 years Flying Kicks


Please access the ‘Read Write Inc Phonics Lessons at Home Page’ on YouTube at for the daily phonics lesson.

The sound your child will need to focus on will depend on their RWI group before the school closure.

This week’s lessons are:-

RWI Grp Set Sound Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Red/Green 2 air ir ou oy Bank
Orange/Yellow Blue/Grey 3 o-e u-e aw are Holiday

Set 2 phonics lessons start at 10am with spellings at 10.15am.

Set 3 phonics lessons start at 10.30am with spellings at 10.45am.

Don’t worry if you miss the lesson start time as the videos will remain available on the Read Write Inc YouTube channel for 24 hours.

Any spellings can be completed in the home school sharing book, an exercise book or a notebook.

Teach Your Monsters to Read

Keep logging in to the ‘Teach Your Monsters to Read’ online resource or use the app to continue your adventure in phonics and reading.

Login details are the same as PurpleMash logins.

Access this resource at or download the app (currently discounted to 99p) setting the set the Icon id pdf star code to 768037.


For English this week, we will be using the new BBC Bitesize lessons to practise some key writing skills.

The lessons and all of the accompanying resources can be found at

Day Learning Focus

Forming letters correctly and basic alliteration.

(This lesson is dated 27 April)


Using capital letters and full stops in sentences.

(This lesson is dated 28 April)


Using nouns and joining words to write about minibeasts.

(This lesson is dated 29 April)


Creating sentences with description.

(This lesson is dated 30 April)

Friday Bank Holiday

Use your home school sharing book, exercise book or notebook to record your answers. Ask an adult to help you ‘tick or fix’ your work when you have finished.


We will continue our learning on measuring, looking at mass with Mrs Bramble and Miss Judge. The online video lessons can be found at:

Each day starts and ends with a quiz to check your understanding. You will be asked to pause the videos at different points to complete activities.

Day Learning Focus
Monday To compare the mass of two objects. (Lesson 6)
Tuesday To compare the mass of more than two objects. (Lesson 7)
Wednesday To find the mass of objects using non-standard units. (Lesson 8)
Thursday To find the mass of objects in units. (Lesson 9)
Friday Bank Holiday

For some of the lessons you will need some household objects or toys to help you measure mass.

You may want to make a simple balance scale with an adult to help your understanding, but this is NOT necessary. There are lots of ideas online on how to do this, one example can be found at:-

Use your home school sharing book, exercise book or notebook to record your answers when prompted to do so. Adults may need to help create tables to put your answers in and to ‘tick or fix’ your work.

Thematic Learning

On the school website you will find a range of family friendly thematic learning opportunities based around ‘Celebrations including VE Day’. Pick and choose from these activities for your other learning challenges this week.

Keep going with your home learning and enjoy a rest on Friday.

Hope to see you soon!