Lapwing Class w/c 4th May

Hello Lapwings! I must admit it does seem a bit sad that this was the week we had been looking forward to going to Holt Hall. However, I hope you are all keeping well and enjoyed the learning I set you last week!

This week I have again included maths and English learning for the week and you will find family, theme-based activities on the school website.


  • Please go back to ‘Week 1’ of White Rose Maths activities and complete these to recap more tenths and decimals work this week. Once again if you feel your child is finding the Year 4 work too challenging, Year 1, 2 and 3 work is also available on there so please feel free to recap these lessons too – it is all useful. .
  • Monday – recognise tenths and hundredths. Watch video, complete activity and check answers.
  • Tuesday – tenths as decimals.
  • Wednesday – tenths on a place value grid.
  • Thursday – tenths on a number line.
  • Friday – dividing by 10.

Times tables:

  • Monday – I’d like you to recap our handy 9 x tables trick – a picture attached to remind you – can you explain how it helps you to somebody at home?
  • Daily – I am also still accepting challenges on Times Table rockstars – so far I am unbeaten so please keep them coming J.


  • Please complete the next weeks lesson plans – week 4 on Hamilton Trust ‘from Easter onwards’ – It asks you to describe more and also includes a story summary – something we have worked hard to understand how to do recently. It will be great practise as it gives you a summary and asks you to turn it into a story so the opposite of what we have done at school! Think about using your imagination and filling in the detail/gaps. As with the maths, if you feel this is too challenging for your child, I have looked at the Year 2 and 3 work and I am happy for them to complete that instead.
  • Monday – Lesson 1 – Read and summarise the story using conjunctions.
  • Tuesday – Lesson 2 – Read and summarise the story, use conjunctions for time, place and cause.
  • Wednesday – Lesson 3 – Make notes about an illustration then turn a summary into a story and write it. 
  • Thursday – Lesson 4 – Read different poems, choose your favourite and answer questions about them. 
  • Friday – Read and learn a poem, compare two poems and then add illustrations!


  • Daily practise – We are continuing with words with the ‘zhun’ sound at the end spelt either ‘ion’, or ‘tion’.                         
  • Tuesday – Can you identify what happens to each word when letters are dropped/the suffix is added? 
  • Wednesday – Try some spelling pyramids to make you think about which letter comes next, especially when some are dropped.

List A:

  1. Consider/consideration
  2. Experiment/experimentation
  3. Imagine/imagination
  4. Oppose/opposition
  5. Separate/separation
  6. Possess/possession

List B – ing recap:

  1. Coming
  2. Looking
  3. Morning
  4. Going
  5. Something
  6. King (can you tell what is different about this word – is the ing a suffix?


  • Daily task – Remember you should be reading every day. It I just as important to share stories as a family, listening to somebody else reading is also a fantastic way to enjoy books J.
  • Thursday/Friday – Please complete the next part of the VIPERS reading comprehension – ‘Gladiator’, pages 7-9. I have attached it again this week for you. If easier, please feel that you can do Stage 1 or 2 booklet instead. They can be found