Lapwing Class w/c 18th May

I hope you have a wonderful week and are staying healthy! Once again I have set maths and English learning for the week and you have the family, theme-based learning on the website. I hope you manage to enjoy some restful family time during half term next week. Stay safe, Miss Marriott J


  • Please follow the week commencing 4/5/20 on White Rose Maths as this is the start of the multiplication topic with the videos, activities and answers. You should remember doing the column method (short or long) and this is fantastic recall and practise. I have attached the worksheets, but you can find the teaching video and answers to mark your work here Please feel that you can follow this week’s plans for Year 3 if it would be more beneficial for your child.
  • Monday – multiply 2 digits by 1.
  • Tuesday – multiply 3 digits by 1
  • Wednesday – divide 2 digits by 1 digit.
  • Thursday – divide 3 digits by 1 digit.
  • Friday – Friday cooking challenge! If you would rather do some more practise, I have attached a link to abacus eBooks – they have 3 workbooks for each year covering all of the topics. These could help with more consolidation of what we have covered this year however please be aware that topics in red on the contents page (measure such as shape/time/money) may be more unfamiliar concepts as we have not yet covered them in Year 4. you are welcome to use these if they are useful – they are very clear and easy to understand.

Times tables:

  • Monday – you could make yourself some times table dominoes of one that you need to learn and play with these during the week. An example is attached for you to see.
  • Friday – on purple mash 2Dos there is a memory game for the 3, 4 and 8 x table. There is also an easier option of a game using just your 5 x table.
  • Daily – Don’t forget rockstars!


  • Please follow the Hamilton Trust ‘after Easter’ week 6 lesson plans. I have also attached the resources too. Please remember you can always use Year 2 or 3 week 6 plans.
  • Monday – predictions about a story.
  • Tuesday – character reactions – you can also listen to a story being read today for the next part.
  • Wednesday – summarising and letter writing –there is a planning sheet to help you.
  • Thursday – poem and a focus on adverbials (we learnt about these last term).
  • Friday – write your own poem using adverbials (where, when and how) – please remember it is great to use your English book for writing. Use the guide about the months of the year to get you started.


  • On purple mash, I have set you a book to read, ‘The Sleeping Volcano’, with a chapter each day as a 2Do. There are also multiple choice questions about each chapter. Please do this daily if possible. Your deadline to hand your 2Do is 1.6.20.
  • Monday – chapter 1 and questions on 2Dos.
  • Tuesday – chapter 2 and questions.
  • Wednesday – chapter 3 and questions.
  • Thursday – chapter 4 and questions.
  • Friday – chapter 5 and 6 to finish the book, and questions. If you want to read chapter 6 over half term that would be absolutely fine.


  • We need to focus on the ‘zhuh’ ending this week spelt like sure – remember short, daily practise is best for spellings:
  • Monday – watch the video and look, cover, write, check our weekly spellings with your best handwriting.
  • Tuesday – using the PowerPoint attached, can you read the words and use dots and dashes (writing in your English book is great) as we would in school to help you work out which letters are making sounds on their own or together. Is sure a sound altogether? Why do you think it is/is not?
  • Wednesday – you could use the PP to play Pictionary, charades or headbands to help you learn the meanings of these words? Just make sure the person guessing is not looking at the screen!
  • Thursday – spelling test of your weekly spellings.

List A:                     

  • Pressure
  • Exposure
  • Pleasure
  • Treasure
  • Reassure
  • Measure

    List B – please focus on the spelling ‘ure’ as a small step to this suffix:
    1. Sure
    2. Lure
    3. Pure
    4. Cure
    5. Secure
    6. Mature

     Don’t forget BBC Bitesize also have some great learning on their website too.