Lapwing Class w/c 11th May

I hope you have a wonderful week and are staying healthy! Once again I have set maths and English challenges for the week and you have the family, theme-based learning on the website. Stay safe, Miss Marriott! J


  • Please go back to Week 2 on White Rose Maths with the videos, activities, answers and challenges to recap hundredths. Please feel that you can follow this week’s plans for Year 2 or 3 if it would be more beneficial for your child.
  • Monday – divide 2 digits by 10.
  • Tuesday – hundredths.
  • Wednesday – hundredths as decimals.
  • Thursday – hundredths on a place value grid.
  • Friday – divide 1 or 2 digits by 100.

Times tables:

  • Wednesday – You have some multiplication grids – the times tables are missing from the top and edges, can you work out what the numbers have been times by and fill in the missing squares? Notice any patterns/which numbers in the same column are row are in certain times tables as this will help you.
  • Daily task – don’t forget rockstars!


  • Please follow the Hamilton Trust ‘after Easter’ week 5 lesson plans. There is some good revision of verbs. As the week progresses, it talks about something called the ‘perfect present tense’, you could have a go at this using the teaching guide, if not please write in the present tense as not all of us have come across this in lessons quite as much. Please complete the Year 3 lessons if you feel that it would be more appropriate for your child. This video on BBC Bitesize is a good reminder about different tenses.
  • Monday – Lesson 1 – Listen to the story, recap verbs and writing where you need to have a go at changing verb tense. 
  • Tuesday – Lesson 2 – Read talking animals and decide which is the most persuasive, look at powepoint and think about/write what the animals would say to the man as he slept.
  • Wednesday – Lesson 3 – Look at illustration and write what you notice about it, recap tense and write a postcard from the man to his family.
  • Thursday – Lesson 4 – Read the poem and notice any patterns, summarise the story and write your own descriptive sentences.
  • Friday – Lesson 5 – Read an understand the text by answering the questions, write a conversation between them. Extra – write a story about it as described on the lesson plan. 


  • Please keep reading daily – have you discovered any new/unfamiliar vocabulary in the books you are reading? Do you know what they mean? Could you research any you are unsure of or ask somebody at home to help explain them?
  • Monday/Tuesday – please read and answer the comprehension questions about ‘Perseus’, pages 11-13 on the VIPERS reading comprehension booklet, carrying on from last week. I have attached this for you. Stages 2 and 3 packs can be found here – please feel free to complete these as an easier option.


  • Daily practise – there are some other ways to spell the ‘zhuh’ ending, some words that end in ‘cian’. 
  • Thursday focus on these questions – is anything dropped when you have this suffix, can you find the root word in each word? What word type is each of these words? Do you know what each word means? 
  • Friday – there is a useful guide to look through, how many of the words on there are new to you? Can you do the quick test at the end?

List A:                    

  1. Musician
  2. Magician
  3. Optician
  4. Electrician
  5. Mathematician
  6. Politician

List B – please just focus on the words without the suffix:

  1. Music
  2. Magic
  3. Optic
  4. Electric
  5. Maths
  6. Politics