Kingfisher Class w/c 4th May

Did you know that today is Star Wars day…May the fourth be with you!!

We hope you enjoyed the new way of working last week. We will continue doing this for the foreseeable future so expect a new theme each week.

We can see that many more of you are using Study Ladder now – please do so we can see how you are doing. We’ve left each of you a message.

Daily Tasks

How are you doing with this daily challenge…?

The login is: student23664 and password canary1

What about the touch typing – it’s a really good skill to have!


This week I have set you a task – you need to complete 10 games in the Studio – you will be locked out of the other areas until this is done. This means we can check your current average speed and see that it is still at a good level.


In addition to previous recommendations, Luke Temple who some of you may remember, has come up with a writing kit toolbox, plus you can download and read his book Felix Dashwood and the Mutating Mountain!

There is a writing competition which you may like to try, and the tips are really useful.

Spelling – I have set a 2do on Purple Mash to revise some spellings from Year 5! This is due 11.05.2020. See how you fare. Also check out Study Ladder where there are some spelling activities for you to work through. Can you pick out the correct spelling in each case?

Physical Activity – Don’t forget that at school you have a run around twice a day during break and lunch. It’s up to you what activity you do at home, but it is important to keep a routine going. Rather than setting PE for you each week, try to join in with the Joe Wicks live school workout sessions.  It will happen each day on You Tube at 9 a.m.  You don’t need any equipment or kit – just get moving – it will be a great way to start your day – and you’ll be doing it with hundreds of other children around the country!

How to join in Joe Wicks Body Coach PE lessons for kids    Go to The Body Coach TV on YouTube and simply join in the 30 minute workout from 9am.

If you’re getting a bit tired of Joe, why not try some ZUMBA – there are lots of videos on line – try this for starters and then find some more!:

English and Maths

To give your child a set of fully planned and accessible tasks to do at home, we are recommending Hamilton Trust’s website.  They have a daily lesson for both English and Maths for Year 6.

There are five lessons for each subject – just click on the link below. 

Don’t forget that you have your CGP revision and work books for maths and English – if you are finding any of the Hamilton Tasks a bit difficult, go back and have a look at that section in these.

You will need to click on Maths Learning Pack Week 5 and English Learning Pack Week 5 to download the materials for this week.

Maths – Week 5 Hamilton plans:

This week I have put some StudyLadder tasks on for you to have a go at. It is worth doing the division estimation task BEFORE you do the lesson on Tuesday as it will give you a useful skills warm-up. The following 2 minute clip will remind you how to find fractions of quantities, which will be useful for Wednesday:

Don’t forget the nrich site for some activities to keep your interest in maths – I’ve added a link to the Countdown game we played in class – why don’t you try playing against your family? I’ve also included an interesting Coded Number Square puzzle for you to try. – this is the one for Countdown. There is also a more difficult one where one of the numbers you pick is a fraction –


English – Week 5 Hamilton Plans

Apologies if the peaks came out as 5 s in last week’s webpage, I have written it in words this week instead.

As we have a special Bank Holiday on Friday, more details to follow in the Whole School learning pack, you do not need to do Day 5. Phew I hear you say! Of course, if you are raring to go, then no problem….The Powerpoints for this, explaining Active and Passive, and Clauses and Conjunctions are really clear and helpful.

I would like everybody to do activity 1and 2 this week for each day’s work. This is the two peak challenge. Do all the activities for the three peak challenge. If you are doing one peak or two peak please do attempt one activity 3 each week – these are the writing activities. The blog on Day 2 is a good one to try if you are going to do one activity 3.

As background you may like to look on Espresso and in KS2 English look at the section on Authors. Choose an author you like and look at some of the information about them.

Happy learning! 😊