Kingfisher Class w/c 11th May

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This week would have been when you did your SATs tests – you would have had a biscuit and a drink of fruit juice to make you feel a bit special and to give you some energy. Remember, even without these treats from us you are special. Maybe you could make some cookies at home?

We can see that many more of you are using Study Ladder now – please do so we can see how you are doing. We’ve left each of you a message. If you have lost your password, please email the office at school so they can resend it to you.

Daily Tasks

We hope you are still doing with this daily challenge…

The login is: student23664 and password canary1

What about the touch typing – it’s a really good skill to have!


This week I have set you a task – you need to complete 10 games in the Studio – you will be locked out of the other areas until this is done. This means we can check your current average speed and see that it is still at a good level.


In addition to previous recommendations, Premier League Primary Stars have a Five a Side Reading Challenge. It is aimed at younger children, but for you and your family The Five Finger Rule may be useful if you are looking to move on and read something a bit more challenging (and not to read something too easy!):


There is a writing activity too, based around sending a letter to somebody to cheer them up. If you have not already done something like this, it would be a really worthwhile thing to do.

Grammar –

We have set you a Synonyms and Antonyms activity set on Purple Mash. Due 18th May. Have fun with it!

Physical Activity – Don’t forget that at school you have a run around twice a day during break and lunch. It’s up to you what activity you do at home, but it is important to keep a routine going. Rather than setting PE for you each week, try to join in with the Joe Wicks live school workout sessions.

How to join in Joe Wicks Body Coach PE lessons for kids    Go to The Body Coach TV on YouTube and simply join in the 30 minute workout from 9am.

If you’re getting a bit tired of Joe, why not try some ZUMBA – there are lots of videos on line – try this for starters and then find some more!:

English and Maths

To give your child a set of fully planned and accessible tasks to do at home, we are recommending Hamilton Trust’s website.  They have a daily lesson for both English and Maths for Year 6.   There are five lessons for each subject – just click on the link below – we know there have been some problems with the previous link but this one should work. Then scroll down to the “From our blog” feature and you will find the “Learning at Home Packs ” picture – click on that to find the plans for your child.

You will need to click on Maths Learning Pack Week 6 and English Learning Pack Week 6 to download the materials for this week.

Don’t forget that you have your CGP revision and workbooks for maths and English – if you are finding any of the Hamilton Tasks a bit difficult, go back and have a look at that section in these.

Maths – Week 6 Hamilton plans:

The first four days are all about converting between different measures – this is a good practical skill – if you are doing any measuring for cooking this week, look at the units on the things you are using for measuring (scales/jugs/spoons etc.) and see if you can compare different units. If you are cooking, you may see a recipe that has both metric and imperial measures.

Monday: the following video will remind you how to convert between litres and millilitres – have a look before you start the lesson.

On the days you are asked to draw graphs, don’t forget you have a maths book at home that has squared paper in it. Make sure you have a clear, even scale on each axis, that you give your graph a title and you label the axes too. Use a ruler to draw the graph and to join the points once you have plotted them.

Thursday: make sure you look at the “Powerpoint for Teachers” that is in the resources – it talks you through how to read a line graph really clearly.

Friday: You can have good fun tessellating shapes today – think of it as art rather than maths!! There is a good interactive tool from nrich that you can click on to do it interactively if you don’t want to use pen and paper! I have also set you a 2Do in PurpleMash that asks you to try and draw some tessellating tiles.

English – Week 6 Hamilton Plans

This is all about instructions and explanations, as well as adverbials this week; and revisits The Highwayman.

Don’t forget your revision guides which will also help you with adverbials.

Day 1 and 2 plans give three different levels for the activity and tells you which are easiest (one peak) through to hardest (3 peak) so it should be quite clear.

Day 2 links with Science, so that is really interesting. I certainly learnt something (J Mrs. Allan).

Day 3 the Challenge yourself activity would be the 3 peak challenge. I would like you to try and do the Explanation Ideas whether you are choosing one peak or two peak.

Day 4 do activity 1 and 2 for one peak, Activity 1,2 and 3 for two peaks, and all Activities 1,2,3 and fun time challenge for three peaks.

Finally, for Day 5 One Peak should do Adverbials activity from Day 4 and then do Activity 3 on Day 5.

For two peaks do Activity One and Activity Two. For three peaks do all three activities. The Highwayman is a really famous poem and well worth learning about.

Happy learning! 😊