Wren Class Mon 20th April

Hello Wren Class!

We hope you all enjoyed a lovely Easter. Did you get many eggs? Did you have an Easter egg hunt? Did you do any nice Easter craft activities?

We have sent some learning activities for you to do at home now that the new school term has started. This is not the start to the Summer Term we had planned but hopefully we will see you all soon.

Stay safe.

From Mrs Leaford and Mrs Nixon 😊

A Message from Spencer Bear

Spencer Bear enjoyed lots of Easter eggs over the holidays. This week he has been thinking of ways to be healthy. He has sent his Wren Class friends a new challenge …


  • Practise the sounds you have learnt so far, using the green Speed Sound book and the Set 2 speed sound booklet
  • Watch a Read, Write, Inc. Speed Sound lesson through one of the following websites. I would recommend watching a Set 2 speed sound lesson.



  • There is a phonics game on Purple Mash (set as a 2do). This will help you to spell sounds using all the sounds we have learnt so far.


Recommended books for this week, accessed through Oxford Owl (details are in your child’s home learning book):

  • I Can Hop
  • Let’s Go
  • Mix, Mix, Mix


  • Look at the picture below.
  • Think of a sentence that describes the picture.
  • Try to write your sentence by sounding out words independently.
  • Remember your full stops, capital letters and finger spaces.

  • Parents … at this stage in your child’s writing it is more important that they attempt to sound out words independently and apply the phonics they have learnt in school, rather than focusing on correct spelling

Maths – Adding Numbers

  • With an adult, look at the addition PowerPoint. This will help you to remember how we solve addition calculations, by counting on.
  • Write numbers 1 to 10 in chalk outside (or write on paper and lay on the floor). These will be your target numbers. Ask a grown up to give you an addition calculation. Work out the answer and then see if you can hit that target number. You could throw a small stone onto the number or you could even shoot it with a water pistol!
  • Complete one (or more) of the number problems below

Theme – Spring

Our weekly theme activities will focus on the things we would have been learning about in school, if we were open. These areas are new to the children. We will include a video or PowerPoint that children must look at first. We will then include a few different activities linked to the theme that children may like to complete at home. Please do not feel obliged to complete all the activities. Pick and choose the ones that interest your child the most.

This week we are learning about Spring …

  • With an adult, look through the PowerPoint to learn all about Spring.
  • Watch some videos linked to Spring on Espresso (login – then click Foundation – Understanding the World – New Life – Videos). There are 5 to choose from!
  • Complete one (or more!) of the activities below:
  • If you are on a walk with a grown up look out for any signs of Spring. You could print and use the ‘signs of Spring’ sheet to help you.
  • Spring puzzle on Purple Mash (set as a 2do)
  • During Spring lots of animals are born. Find out the names of these baby animals: duck, pig, sheep, cow, horse, dog and cat. There may be a quiz about this on Thursday!
  • Make a ‘fingerprint Spring wreath’ (details below)
  • Try the ‘two coloured daisy experiment’ (details below)

Other Optional Activities

  • Don’t forget about the Lego and Art and Craft challenges. We have enjoyed seeing all your amazing creations on Tapestry.