Robin Class w/c 27th April

RobinWelcome to a new week of learning little Robins!


Logon onto and use ‘My Class Login’ button (classname: robinclass, password: book) to access this week’s ebooks.

RWI Group Read Write Inc eBook Age Filter eBook
Red I can hop 4-5 years Spots!
Green Let’s Go 4-5 years The Ice Rink
Orange Jam Tarts 5-6 years Flying High
Yellow What Can Baby Do? 6-7 years Dino Danger
Blue Our Incredible Planet 6-7 years Finn MacCool
Grey Mythical Monsters 6-7 years Pick Your Queen


Please access the ‘Read Write Inc Phonics Lessons at Home Page’ on YouTube at for the daily phonics lesson.

The sound your child will need to focus on will depend on their RWI group before the school closure.

This week’s lessons are:-

RWI Grp Set Sound Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Red/Green 2 ow oo (zoo) oo (book) ar or
Orange/Yellow Blue/Grey 3 ear ea oi a-e i-e

Set 2 phonics lessons start at 10am with spellings at 10.15am.

Set 3 phonics lessons start at 10.30am with spellings at 10.45am.

Don’t worry if you miss the lesson start time as the videos will remain available on the Read Write Inc YouTube channel for 24 hours.

Any spellings can be completed in the home school sharing book, an exercise book or a notebook.

Teach Your Monsters to Read

Keep logging in to the ‘Teach Your Monsters to Read’ online resource or use the app to continue your adventure in phonics and reading.

Login details are the same as PurpleMash logins.

Access this resource at or download the app (currently discounted to 99p) setting the set the Icon id pdf star code to 768037.


For this week’s English lessons we will be using the Oak National Academy Online Classroom.

This week’s lessons with Miss Brown can be found at

Miss Brown has the /ay/ /ai/ /a-e/ alternative sounds (phonemes) as her sound of the week. This is helpful revision and spelling practice but depending upon your child’s phonic progress they may not know these sounds yet. Please ensure that you keep following the Read Write Inc phonics lessons on YouTube outlined above for your daily phonics learning.

Day Learning Focus
Monday Sam’s Sandwich – Answer questions on a story.
Tuesday Instructions: Commit a set of instructions to memory.
Wednesday Instructions: To use the conjunction ‘and’.
Thursday Instructions: To write a set of instructions.
Friday Instructions: Continue to write a set of instructions.

You will be asked to pause the videos at different points to complete activities.

Use your home school sharing book, exercise book or notebook to record your answers and ‘tick or fix’ your work when Miss Brown asks you to.

It would be helpful to have a blank piece of paper on Tuesday.


We have missed our learning on measuring during the school closure so we will use the video lessons on Oak National Academy Online Classroom to help with our understand on this subject.

This week’s lessons with Mr Latham can be found at:

Each day starts with a quiz and often a bad joke! There is a quiz at the end to check your understanding. You will be asked to pause the videos at different points to complete activities.

Day Learning Focus
Monday To compare lengths and heights of objects.
Tuesday To measure lengths using non-standard units (using hands).
Wednesday To measure lengths using non-standard units (using objects).
Thursday To begin to understand units of measurement.
Friday To problem solve using doubling and halving.

Use your home school sharing book, exercise book or notebook to record your answers. Adults may need to help create tables to put your answers in and to ‘tick or fix’ your work.

On Thursday you will need something that is a metre long!

Thematic Learning

On the school website you will find a range of family friendly thematic learning opportunities based around a ‘Carnival of Animals’ theme. Pick and choose from these activities for your other learning challenges this week.

Keep going with your learning. I know it can be a challenge to work at home, but it will help you to continue making progress and be ready for Year 2.

Hope to see you soon!