Robin Class Wed 22nd April


Logon onto and use ‘My Class Login’ button (classname: robinclass, password: book) to access this week’s ebooks.

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Get Up

4-5 years




4-5 years

By the Stream


A Vet’s Week

5-6 years

A Monster Mistake


No Way!

6-7 years

Red Planet


How to make a peach treat

6-7 years

Into the Pyramid


Nancy Roman’s Space Telescope

6-7 years

Mini Marvels


Please access the ‘Read Write Inc Phonics Lessons at Home Page’ on YouTube at for the daily phonics lesson.

The sound your child will need to focus on will depend on their RWI group before the school closure.

Today’s phonics lessons are:-

Your Child’s RWI Group

Set Sound

Today’s Sound

Phonics Video Starts

Spelling Video Starts












Don’t worry if you miss the lesson start time as the videos will remain available on the Read Write Inc YouTube channel for 24 hours.

Any spellings can be completed in the home school sharing book, an exercise book or a notebook.

Teach Your Monsters to Read

Login to the ‘Teach Your Monsters to Read’ online resource or use the app to continue your adventure in phonics and reading.

Login details are the same as PurpleMash logins.

Access this resource at or download the app (currently discounted to 99p) setting the set the Icon id pdf star code to 768037.


Today, we revisit the ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ story by Michael Rosen. This is a familiar story to Robin class as we did some drama activities based on this story at the beginning of Year 1. Please see the separate activities based around this story which include:-

  • Watching Michael Rosen retell the story.
  • Cutting out picture prompts and sequencing them in order (printer needed for this task).
  • Creating a story map

If you choose to try the extension activities remember to think it, say it, like it, write it and read it again when writing. Don’t forget finger spaces, capital letters and full stops!  



See separate maths activities to practise adding three numbers.

This includes a learning reminder, two levels of practice sheet, guidance if you get a bit stuck and a few questions to check your understanding. All the answers are provided so that you can ‘tick or fix’ your work with an adult.  


If you have no access to a printer at home, draw/write answers in home school sharing book, exercise book or a notebook.

Counting in 5s is an important Year 1 maths skill. Join in with counting in fives with the following video Can you do it with your eyes closed?


In Year 1, the children need to know the countries and capital cities of the U.K.

To help prepare the children for this learning when we return to school watch the Let’s Explore the U.K. video on BBC Bitesize which can be found at:-

Login to PurpleMash and find ‘UK Countries’ activity in the 2Do tab at the top of your screen. Pupil logins will be inside the front cover of the home school sharing book or will have been sent to you by email from the office.

Launch the program and then drag and drop to label each of the four countries that make up the U.K.

When you have finished your work, save and hand it as we do in class.