Lapwing Class Wed 22nd April

Happy Wednesday! This week I have used Hamilton Trust to set a maths and English each day, they have guidance slides and differentiated resources to help you understand the learning.


  • Reading – you need to read the text by Lauren Child, although they are the same story, they are different because they are written by different authors. We have discussed different writing styles/the writer’s craft. Can you make a list of differences/similarities between the two stories (plot, characters, vocabulary etc)?
  • You need to practise writing dialogue using inverted commas – the punctuation ‘hugs’ the words that are being spoken.
  • Spellings- I have given you different words with double consonants. Try some spelling pyramids please.

List A –

List B –

  • Across
  • Better
  • Book
  • Stopped
  • Floppy
  • Narrator
  • Grammar
  • Opposite
  • Possess/ion
  • Possible
  • Pressure
  • Suppose


  • Times tables – keep going with rockstars! Remember you are aiming for A MINIMUM 10 minutes a day. I found this match up idea online which seemed quite nice if you wanted to use another game too. If you cannot spare any pegs, you could use paper clips with the answer attached?

  • Please follow Hamilton Trust’s lesson which I have attached.
  • I have also attached another quick, mental maths sheet to keep these ticking over (we’re on number 9).


  • I have attached the lyrics of some the songs (‘Land of the Silver Birch’, ‘He’s Got the Whole World’ and ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’) and you learnt when you had ukulele lessons, please have another go at singing them. There is also a silly video which you could sing along to help you get the tune If you can also ‘pretend’ strum the correct coloured keys of your ukulele that would be super! I had an email from Sarah our ukulele teacher who said a massive thank you for the card we made her and that she enjoyed teaching you lots!


  • Please carry on using Linguascope – – our username is wicklewood, password wickle01 . When you get on there, go to Elementary, click on the German flag and then you can play some games involving the learning you have been doing in class with Mrs Smith. Don’t forget to listen to the “Einleitung” (introduction) first to remind you of how to say them.

Stay healthy and take care.

Miss Marriott.