Lapwing Class Wed 1st April

This is the last day of learning I will send you until after Easter. I hope you manage to enjoy some Easter eggs and stay safe.


  • Can you turn your time at home so far into a story or saga (remember how funny these were when we did them in class)?
  • Reading – how many books can you read over Easter? Record them in your home learning or the English book I sent home with a short summary of each one. EASTER CHALLENGE!
  • Spellings – please do some spelling pyramids with our double consonant words. How many other words can you think of that have double consonants in?


  • Times tables – keep going with rockstars. Can you also time yourself to see how fast you can fill in a 12 x 12 gird? I have also set a times table check on purple mash as a 2Do.
  • You also have a decimal and fraction equivalences number line attached – you need to know what decimals are equivalent to ¼, ½ and ¾ CONFIDENTLY.
  • Also measure objects around your home too and record them using decimals. Either to 1 decimal place or possibly 2 decimal places – remember to think back to our learning about the tenths and hundredths columns. Make yourself a place value grid if you need to – can you say how many tenths and hundredths you have in your measurements?
  • Mental maths quick recall sheet – remember you could carry on doing these over Easter to keep your mental maths going.


  • I have attached a practical music note sheet. Can you practise these, then write your own music using these notes? Each note means you have to do something practical e.g. jump. Can you perform this musical dance as a family?


  • Have a look at this website
  • You can find out how Germany is celebrated there – see what’s the same and what’s different from what we usually do. It also tells you how to make decorated eggs for an Easter tree – if you have things you could use at home, why not have a go yourself!