Lapwing Class w/c 27th April

I hope you are all doing well Lapwings! I have included maths and English lessons for this week. You will find family, theme-based activites on the school website too.


  • I would like you to complete the lessons for this week on White Rose Maths There are some excellent learning tasks, videos and activities to help you recap decimals and fractions linked to money. They are split into daily lessons. The Year 2 and 3 learning tasks are also on this website so please feel free to access them as another option.
  • Monday – ‘Round Decimals’ Lesson 1 – watch video, complete activity and check answers.
  • Tuesday – ‘Halves and Quarters’ Lesson 2.
  • Wednesday – ‘Pounds and Pence’ – Lesson 3.
  • Thursday – ‘Ordering Money’ – Lesson 4.
  • Friday – Maths Challenge. 

Times tables:

  • Monday – please look at the video on here as it explains how we only really have 38 times tables to learn, this is because we should not need to ‘learn’ 10 x or 2 x as they are easier. Please then complete the 38 times table challenge quiz. This website then generates a report which gets sent to parents/carers and it pin points exactly which times tables you can/cannot do out of the 38.
  • Tuesday – Ask somebody to give you a times tables test on the times table you find the hardest.
  • Wednesday – Make yourself a times table board game – you can use anything you have at home for counters. I have attached an example to help you. You could focus on the ones you did not know from komodomath.
  • Daily task – rockstars.


  • Please follow Hamilton Trusts ‘after Easter’ Week 3 English plans. They are linked to describing animals using expanded noun phrases with adjectives and adverbials/fronted adverbials to describe verbs. We have looked at these in the Spring Term so it would be a fantastic reminder. I have also attached the resources in case you it is easier to access them this way instead. I have looked at the Year 2 and 3 lesson plans and am happy for you to use these as another option if you feel that they are more suitable.
  • Monday – Lesson 1 – watch video, plan story, tell your story using storyboard.
  • Tuesday – Lesson 2 – reminder about adverbials, find and write sentences using them.  
  • Wednesday – Lesson 3 – Tell and write your story from the point of view from the prey. Remember a recount retells the story/what happened.
  • Thursday – read poem, recap noun phrases and write a poem using them. 
  • Friday – another poem with noun phrases and prepositions (revision cards attached but we have learnt about both of these).


  • We need to focus on the suffix that sounds like ‘zhun’ when we say it. This can be spelt several ways, however this week we are focusing on ‘sion/tion’ endings that sound like ‘zhun’.
  • Thursday- How many words can you think of that have ‘ion’ sounding like ‘zhun’ at the end?
  • Friday- Can you realise what the rule would be for words that end in de or se before adding the suffix sion using the guide below and the video?
  • Remember it is best to practise spellings for a short time everyday. 

List A:

  1. Occasion/ally
  2. Mention
  3. Position
  4. Question
  5. Confusion
  6. Illusion

List B (recap the ed ending):

  1. Jumped
  2. Laughed
  3. Shouted
  4. Wanted
  5. Asked
  6. Called
  • Thursday/Friday – I have attached a VIPERS guided reading activity booklet (Stage 4). It explains what each of the letters stands for. I would only like you to complete the ‘Enormous Eruptions’ part linked to volcanoes this week. Please read and complete the questions related to VIPERS skills. Pages 3-5. I have also attached the link to the website, on there you will find booklets for Stage 2 and 3 too, these contain easier reading materials and are an option if you prefer.
  • Remember to keep reading everyday.

Thank you Lapwings (and adults supporting them at home too) for your continued hard work! Miss Marriott.  

Please note – BBC Bitesize have also started some online lessons if you need anything further learning for the week.