Lapwing Class Thu 23rd April

Happy Thursday! This week I have used Hamilton Trust to set a maths and English each day, they have guidance slides and differentiated resources to help you understand the learning.


  • Reading – you have a poem to read for your lesson today – how many objects does he collect?
  • Can you remember what nouns, verbs and adjectives are? Write a definition of each and some examples in your English book. You need to find these in the poems you are given.
  • Spellings- I have given you different words with double consonants. How good are you at spellings these now? Can you come up with an acrostic for each? E.g. opposite – o = other, p = people…

List A –

List B –

  • Across
  • Better
  • Book
  • Stopped
  • Floppy
  • Narrator
  • Grammar
  • Opposite
  • Possess/ion
  • Possible
  • Pressure
  • Suppose


  • Times tables – keep going with rockstars! Remember you are aiming for A MINIMUM 10 minutes a day. Please play some times table bingo (choose a times table to work on and somebody will need to say them e.g. if I was working on my 12s, somebody might say 4 x 12, if I had chosen to write 48 I could cross it off…).
  • Please follow Hamilton Trust’s lesson which I have attached.
  • I have attached the last quick, mental maths sheet to keep these ticking over (we’re on number 10).


  • Don’t forget about all of the online videos and resources, such as Joe Wicks PE session live at 9am every weekday.
  • I have also attached some ideas for games that should not require much equipment and can be altered for the amount of people you have.


Stay healthy and take care.

Miss Marriott.