Lapwing Class Mon 20th April

I hope you are all keeping well and managed to enjoy Easter. This week I have used Hamilton Trust to set a maths and English each day, they have guidance slides and differentiated resources to help you understand the learning.


  • You have another SPaG mat to practise spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • You also have the first of 5 English lessons for this week (this should take you about an hour). Please remember to record any work in your English book that came home with you.
  • Reading – the Hamilton task involves reading of a text, please read it with EXPRESSION – something we have talked about lots in class!
  • Spellings- I have given you different words with double consonants. Please write your spellings in the best joined handwriting you can – look, cover, write and check!

List A –

  • Grammar

List B –

  • Across
  • Better
  • Book
  • Stopped
  • Floppy
  • Narrator
  • Opposite
  • Possess/ion
  • Possible
  • Pressure
  • Suppose


  • Times tables – keep going with rockstars! Remember you are aiming for A MINIMUM 10 minutes a day. Please also try and make as many times table flowers as you can. I have attached a picture to show you want they need to look like.
  • Please follow Hamilton Trust’s lesson which I have attached.
  • I have also attached another quick, mental maths sheet to keep these ticking over (we’re on number 7).


Stay healthy and take care.

Miss Marriott.