Lapwing Class Fri 24th April

Have a fantastic Friday! This week I have used Hamilton Trust to set a maths and English each day, they have guidance slides and differentiated resources to help you understand the learning.


  • Reading – you have a poem to read for your lesson today – what do you like/dislike about it?
  • You need to follow the instructions to think of your own ideas.
  • Spellings- NEW SPELLING RULE – we need to look at the ‘ion, tion and cian’ ending – these endings all sound like ‘zhun’. What subjects/areas of learning would you come across these words at school e.g. question – lots in maths/English!

List A –

List B – revisit the ‘ed’ suffix

  • Jumped
  • Shouted
  • Called
  • Laughed
  • Wanted
  • Asked
  • Occasion/occasionally
  • Possess/possession
  • Mention
  • Position
  • Question
  • Consider/consideration


  • Times tables – keep going with rockstars! Keep the challenges coming – I have received lots!
  • Please follow the last Hamilton Trust’s lesson of the week which I have attached.
  • Complete some ‘Daily 10’ mental maths activities for you to complete Select Grade 4 then which area of maths you would like to focus on e.g. division as that is your focus for your maths lesson today.


Stay healthy and take care. Have a good weekend.

Miss Marriott.