Kingfisher Class Tue 21st April

We hope you are now back into the swing of things for a school day! We know it may be difficult to do everything, especially if there are several of you trying to do lessons – can you Y6 children help younger siblings? It would enhance their learning and perhaps help out busy mums and dads too!

Daily tasks:   

Times Tables – TT Rockstars or any practice that helps you develop and retain fluency.  

Reading – Read for 20 minutes every day. Why not hear some authors talk about their books?

Log on to Discovery Education . Click on Key Stage Two. Go on to Book Club and discover some new authors to try.

If you have a younger brother or sister, make their day by reading to them.

Don’t forget you can still access:

Audible Stories – 100s of kids’ audiobooks for free. Just click, stream and listen:

Spelling – In addition to the recommendations below, also on Espresso go to English 2 – Spellings (Upper). There is also a Statutory Word List to practise key spellings on. Choose a sheet to download and try.

On Twinkl. There are lists for Year 3 and 4 words and Year 5 and 6 words.

Go on to Spelling list Year 3 and 4 for lists and word searches.

Spelling list Year 5 and 6 for list of spellings and crosswords using these spellings.

 Physical Activity – Don’t forget that at school you have a run around twice a day during break and lunch. It’s up to you what activity you do at home but it is important to keep a routine going. Rather than setting PE for you each week, try to join in with the Joe Wicks live school workout sessions.  It will happen each day on You Tube at 9 a.m.  You don’t need any equipment or kit – just get moving – it will be a great way to start your day – and you’ll be doing it with hundreds of other children around the country! 

How to join in Joe Wicks Body Coach PE lessons for kids  

Go to The Body Coach TV on YouTube and simply join in the 30 minute workout from 9am.  

English and Maths    

To give your child a set of fully planned and accessible tasks to do at home, we are recommending Hamilton Trust’s website.  They have a daily lesson for both English and Maths for Year 6.  

There are five lessons for each subject.  


The Hamilton plan for English features a very well-known poem – The HIghwayman and some useful grammar work on tenses and punctuation which picks up on some of the class targets following on from their recent Best Writes.

For extension work in English, go to:

There are a selection of differentiated sheets to continue working on these punctuation marks.

For a bit of extension work in Maths, go to where you will find a series of investigations based round area and perimeter. The number of stars beside each one indicates the level of difficulty. Choose one or two and have a go, remember to try working logically and recording your ideas as you go.

Geography –

If you have not already done so, log on to Purple Mash and complete the 2Dos for 2Graph and Local Survey.

Then click on the PDF 21st April Maps activity local area and sound map.

Try and map out the sounds you can hear. Are there more or less traffic sounds than usual? Why? How good are you at remembering what is in your local area? Try your hand at drawing a map from memory!