Kingfisher Class Wed 1st April

If you can over Easter, please try to keep going with some of the daily tasks, even if not every day. Just as you would if you were on holiday.


As it’s the last day of term, have a go at some of these Y6 maths challenges – don’t look at the answer sheets before you try them!!

If your parents haven’t yet logged in they need to go to to sign up – it is free at the moment. The page you want is:


As we are fast approaching Easter, there is an activity related to Easter which is on the website below.

Resource 1
A piece of home learning about Easter for pupils in KS2 (7-11 year olds).


We know that with Steve you have been doing some composition work. Have a look at the following – Body Beats. These are daily session delivered daily at 11am on YouTube by Ollie Tunmer, former STOMP cast member and qualified teacher. This particular session links with the composing you have been doing –

Can you compose your own piece of body percussion using the ideas from the video? Can you record your composition on a graphic score. Draw picture to represent the sound in each box.

Here is an example of one:

We have attached a copy of a blank graphic score for you.

Enjoy the break and get as much fresh air as you can. Take very good care and we hope to see you soon 😊

Mrs. Allan and Mrs. Smith