Kestrel Class Wed 22nd April

Happy Earth Day 2020 Kestrels! Today is the 50th anniversary of the first Earth day! As such, I would like us to celebrate the Earth today. Pick 3 or more of the following activities to complete:

  1. Appreciate the Earth, go outside (if it’s sunny) or to a window and draw what you can see of the landscape outside, think of all the wonderful green trees and leaves and grass. Think about the wonderful plants that grow and give us the oxygen we need to breathe. Create a picture of the Earth that you see everyday in isolation.
  2. If the weather allows, spend 15 minutes laying down outside or by an open window meditating, being mindful of the sounds around you, coming from nature and looking upwards (but not at the sun) at the clouds and the birds or leaves on the trees above you. Think about your breathing and try to imagine yourself relaxing every part of your body until you are at one with the world around you, free of any man-made sounds and distractions (that means switch all devices off while you meditate!).
  3. Create a poem about the Earth, this can focus on anything you like but you may want to write about all of the things the Earth provides for us.
  4. Plant something! If you can get seeds, have a go at planting them in the garden or in a jar using some soil from the garden (ask your adult first). If you don’t have any seeds, get creative and take some out of some fruit.
  5. Create a desert Island mixtape. Imagine you were going to be stranded on an island with a CD player and a CD with 10 of your favourite songs on. What would they be? I would definitely include ‘Everybody’s Free’ by Baz Luhrmann – it’s one of my favourite songs!
  6. Create an Earth scene meal to eat. For example, you could create a volcano out of pasta and sauce or a meatball hill or cut shapes out of your sandwiches to create sheep on a meadow of broccoli.
  7. Think about all the wonderful farmers who are working so hard during this time to make sure that there is still enough food for everyone to eat. Write a letter thanking them for their hard work! Bonus points if you can find an email address or postal address for a local farm and actually send them your thanks!
  8. Come up with 3 things our school could do to improve our environmental impact on the Earth. Record your ideas in a creative way.
  9. Look up some Earth facts and create an Earth day quiz to challenge your family with.
  10. Write a letter to your local MP (I think this is George Freeman for the majority of you), explaining why you we need to protect the environment and encourage them to do so in future votes and debates in the houses of parliament (You don’t have to send it if you don’t want to).
  11. Draw 3 animals that are important to the environment (for examples bees, because they pollinate lots of plants).
  12. Create an Earth Day word search with appropriate words for somebody in your household to complete.
  13. Come up with your own Earth Day activity.