Greenfinch Class Tue 21st April


Continuing our reading of other Myths and Legends, today have a look at the learner guides on BBC Bitesize KS2 English at Scroll down to those about Myths and Legends

  • What is a myth?
  • Is the Banshee a myth or a legend?
  • The legend of Robin Hood
  • The Fountain of youth

Visit Storyberries at and choose some more unusual myths to read.


Greek Myths and Legends – Week 1 Day 2 – Continuing from yesterday’s lesson, today we extend our understanding of

  • How to use conjunctions

When you are writing, remember to think about your own personal writing target and refer to the Year 3 writing targets document which is attached to the first Greenfinch home learning webpage (Tue 24th March) as this will help you to extend and improve your writing.

Attachment Hamilton Week 1 day 2

If you would like to challenge yourself, try the attached activity ‘Comic Book Capers’.

Attachment comicbookcapers


Today we continue learning about Fractions. Go to the White Rose Maths website at

please scroll down and

  • Click on Year 3
  • Click on the ‘+’ sign next to the Week 1 tab
    • Here you will see a sequence of 5 lessons on Fractions

Today try lesson 2.

  • Watch the animated powerpoint initially, then try the attached activity. The activity can either be printed off or can be viewed on screen and your answers can be written on to paper. You can then use the answers document to check how you are doing.

If you want to progress quickly you can move through to the other lessons.

Members of the White Rose Maths team will be online Monday to Friday between 10am and 11am for a “maths party” on its social media channels, so children can put whatever maths-related questions they may have to the experts and still feel included in lesson time.


If you have a logon for Charanga, the next steps of ‘Let Your Spirit Fly’ are now available for you to access. It is great for me to see how many of you are earning coins on these activities!

At school, in music assembly with Miss Harvey and Steve, you have been learning to sing and sign a track called ‘Refuge’. I have attached the resources to this page so you can have a go at home. You can sing and sign together if you have older and/or younger siblings at Wicklewood and if not you can try to teach other members of your family.

Attachment Refuge resources

Steve’s recommended musical activity for today is the ‘Beat Goes On’ body percussion sessions delivered daily by Ollie Tunmer at He will be live on Monday 20th April but you can also view the previous sessions.


Adaptation and Evolution – We have looked at how plants have adapted over time to be more successful in their environments and we touched on how this happens with animals as well through the fantastic book ‘How the Borks became’. In order to learn more today, please logon to Espresso and click on

  • Key Stage 2
  • Science
  • Evolution

Watch the video ‘Adaptation to Evolution’. As the narrator asks you questions, pause the video and think about your answer or discuss it with a partner in your family. Then play the video again.

Then try these activities

  • Design and animal
  • Animal adaptations

To challenge yourself you could watch some of the other videos and try the related activities.

In the “Printable resources” section there are 3 great activities that you may like to try too.