Greenfinch Class Thurs 23rd April


Please continue your daily reading. My two suggested books for this week from Oxford Owl are listed in Monday’s lessons, but please remember that there are lots of other books on this great website which you are free to explore.  Also don’t forget that the Oxford Owl website has a range of challenge levels to suit all reading abilities – use the drop down menus to choose those that are best for you.

Comprehension – Please revisit the Comprehension texts from yesterday by logging on to Espresso and click on

  • Key stage 2
  • English
  • Scroll down to Comprehension (Lower) or Comprehension (Upper)
  • Choose a new text to read today


Onomatopoeia – Week 1 Day 4 – Today we look at a word that may be new to some of you

  • Onomatopoeia

Today’s tasks explain what onomatopoeia means and helps you to identify it’s use in songs and text.  This task also has a link to our work on poetry from before the Easter holidays so you can draw on your previous learning to help you here.

Attach Hamilton Week 1 day 4

If you would like to try an extra challenge try this… Look back at Tuesday’s Writing tasks and use the attached ‘ComicBookCapers’ sheet.  Design a Comic strip that has onomatopoeia in the illustrations e.g. ‘Crash’ ‘Pow’ ‘ Bam’ etc.  If you have comics or graphic novels in your house take a look at how onomatopoeia is used to add sound action to the story.


Today we will move on to Day 4 of our Fractions unit. Go to the White Rose Maths website at

please scroll down and

  • Click on Year 3
  • Click on the ‘+’ sign next to the Week 1 tab
    • Here you will see a sequence of 5 lessons on Fractions

Today try lesson 4.  

  • Watch the animated powerpoint initially, then try the attached activity.  The activity can either be printed off or can be viewed on screen and your answers can be written on to paper. You can then use the answers document to check how you are doing.

If you want to progress quickly you can move through to the other lessons.

Members of the White Rose Maths team will be online Monday to Friday between 10am and 11am for a “maths party” on its social media channels, so children can put whatever maths-related questions they may have to the experts and still feel included in lesson time.


Have you celebrated anyone’s birthday since being at home?  Watch the video on BBC Bitesize ‘Celebrating a Birthday in Spain’ Which words in Spanish do you recognise and understand? Can you repeat them as they are used in the video?

Revisit the ‘Party Time’ section of Espresso by clicking on

  • Key stage 2
  • Languages
  • Scroll down to find ‘Spanish Resource box’
  • Party time (from the left hand menu)

PSHE & Wellbeing

Make sure you take some time each day to do something that you enjoy.  Doing this will help to look after your own wellbeing.  You could make list of the things that you would like to do for a short time each day e.g.

  • Listen to music or an audio book
  • Play a game on a tablet
  • Read quietly or be read to by an adult
  • Paint a picture
  • Do some craft
  • Play outside
  • Play an instrument or sing

I’m sure you can come up with a lot of great ideas that are unique to you.

There are some great wellbeing and yoga sessions online at They have so many themes to choose from from Harry Potter to Frozen! And don’t forget how exercise helps us to feel fitter and promotes positivity.  Miss Jell & Mrs Nixon are still committed to doing the daily workout at 9am with Joe Wicks at This week we heard that Joe’s workouts have helped to raise over £91,000 to support the NHS – amazing!