Greenfinch Class Mon 20th April

Welcome back everyone!

We hope you have all had a lovely Easter and enjoyed some special times with your families.

As we start the Summer term, here are some new activities to get you going.

From Miss Jell & Mrs Nixon 😊


Please keep reading every day!  Reading regularly is very important and will not only help to develop your understanding of different texts but it will also help you to become a better writer. Please use the ‘Oxford Owl’ login details to access the Oxford owl website.  These details were stuck in to some children’s home learning books but they are also attached to the first Greenfinch home learning webpage (Tue 24th March). My suggested Oxford Owl readers for this week are:

  • My Bookshelf Age 7-9 ‘How the World Began’ by Fiona Macdonald. 
  • My Bookshelf Age 9-11 ‘Dragon Tales’ by Andy Blackford.

Both of these texts are from the Myths and Legends genre which we have studied this year in Greenfinch so you should be familiar with some of their content and structures. If you have other Myths and Legends at home, or can kind some online with adult support you may like to read a wider range. These texts also link to this week’s Writing tasks.

Note to parents: Please also remember that reading TO your child is equally as important as them reading. You can share a text that they, or you, love and this kind of reading also gives you the chance to open up a world of books that your child may not yet be able to access by themselves.


Please continue to write an entry in your diary every day. Imagine keeping your diary in a safe place after lockdown is over and re-reading it in years to come. To give you some new ideas for your diary there are some page prompts attached to this webpage called “mylockdowndiary”.

Attachment mylockdowndiary

Greek Myths and Legends – Week 1 Day 1 – This week we will be looking again at Myths and Legends and incorporating some key writing skills

  • How to punctuate speech
  • How to use conjunctions

When you are writing, remember to think about your own personal writing target and refer to the Year 3 writing targets document which is attached to the first Greenfinch home learning webpage (Tue 24th March) as this will help you to extend and improve your writing.

Attachment Hamilton Week 1 day 1


In Maths this week we will look at Fractions. On the White Rose Maths website at

please scroll down and

  • Click on Year 3
  • Click on the ‘+’ sign next to the Week 1 tab
    • Here you will see a sequence of 5 lessons on Fractions

I suggest trying lesson 1 first. Watch the animated powerpoint initially, then try the attached activity. The activity can either be printed off or can be viewed on screen and your answers can be written on to paper. You can then use the answers document to check how you are doing.

If you want to progress quickly you can move through to Lesson 2 straight away or you can try Lesson 2 on another day.

Members of the White Rose Maths team will be online Monday to Friday between 10am and 11am for a “maths party” on its social media channels, so children can put whatever maths-related questions they may have to the experts and still feel included in lesson time.

Below are also some other ways in which you can learn more about fractions.

Attachment Colour and label fractions sheets x3

Attachment Makingawholefractionsgame doc

BBC Bitesize KS1 recap of the basic facts about fractions

BBC Bitesize KS2 learner guide ‘What are unit and mixed fractions?’

Topmarks Fractions games

Don’t forget there are also some fantastic daily / weekly Maths lessons online which you can join in with, such as

  • Maths4Kids You tube channel


Visit the BBC Bitesize KS2 section on Spelling at and view the Learner Guide ‘How to spell the ‘shun’ sound’. In class we have looked at some of these suffixes so this video will give you a reminder of and why and how they should be used.

Then try some of these free games to tests you spelling skills at or practice writing these words in sentences or play a game of hangman with a member of your family using only these words.


The children’s author and illustrator Rob Biddulph will be posting a draw-along video every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am on his website at All 11 of his draw-along videos posted so far are also accessible. My suggested video for you to try today is number 3 “Fred Bear” as I love the book ‘GRRRRRRR!” and as an extension, when you are feeling confident with your drawings, why not try the special star video ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’!

You can also find out a bit more about another author and illustrator, David Lucas, on Espresso by logging on and then clicking on

  • Key Stage 2
  • English
  • Authors
  • David Lucas
    • Where there is a video called ‘ How I draw’

and find out more on his website at

In the same section of Espresso, Jane Hissey talks about how she illustrates some of her books