Greenfinch Class Fri 24th April


Please continue your daily reading. My two suggested books for this week from Oxford Owl are listed in Monday’s lessons, but please remember that there are lots of other books on this great website which you are free to explore.  Also don’t forget that the Oxford Owl website has a range of challenge levels to suit all reading abilities – use the drop down menus to choose those that are best for you.

Look out of the use of onomatopoeia in your reading.

You can download a free audiobook with a free trial of Audible at

Our class reading book ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell is on there (in case you haven’t bought the book and finished it yourself already!) It was such a shame we couldn’t finish it together as a class.


Following on from Thursday’s writing tasks on onomatopoeia, try these games / activities :

Play the onomatopoeia version of Pictionary using the attached instructions.


Today you can either

  • complete lesson 5 of the Fractions unit (see instructions on the Monday-Thursday pages), or,
  • look back through the powerpoints and your own work for the week as a recap, or,
  • Try some of the other suggested fractions activities listed on the Monday – Thursday pages, or,
  • Have a times tables focus day!


Please continue to practise using speech marks correctly based on the work set for the Icarus Greek Myth. This is a nice page to visit to reinforce how they are used and the associated punctuation. It also shows children what to do when the direct speech is split. 

The page you are looking for looks like this … but hopefully the link will get you directly there.