Wren Class Tue 24th March

Hello Wren Class!

I have provided some learning activities for you to complete at home.

I hope you are all safe and well.
From Mrs Leaford 😊

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A Message from Spencer Bear

Spencer Bear misses his friends from Wren Class. He will send regular messages to you all. Keep checking the website on a Tuesday and Thursday for Spencer’s new message.  He may even set you a challenge to complete at home.

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  • Practise the sounds you have learnt so far, using the green Speed Sound book and the Set 2 speed sound booklet

Click on ‘phase 3’ and then choose one of the following sounds to use: ee, igh, oo.


Recommended books for this week, accessed through Oxford Owl (details are in your child’s home learning book):

  • An Odd Bug
  • Dad Can You Do This?


  • In school we have been reading the story ‘Where the Wild Things Are’
  • Last week you drew a picture of your own Wild Thing and then made up a new story using your Wild Thing
  • Imagine your Wild Thing holds a ‘rumpus’ (party) like the Wild Things in the story
  • Make a party invitation for your Wild Thing’s party
  • You should include: who the invite is for, where the party will be held, who the invite is from (the name of your Wild Thing)
  • Try to sound out words on your own, using the sounds you have learnt. Remember full stops, capital letters and finger spaces

Maths – One More and One Less

  • Watch one (or both) of the following episodes of Numberblocks …
  • Complete one (or more) of the ‘one more or one less’ challenges below. If you are able to say the number one more or one less up to 10, you could use bigger numbers instead!

Other Activities

  • Complete the ‘2Do’ activity on Purple Mash (login details are in your child’s home learning book)
  • Complete one (or more) of the 30-day Lego or 30-day art and craft challenges