Wren Class Thu 26th March

Thursday 26th March 2020

Hello Wren Class!

Another day and another set of activities for you to explore from home.

I have loved seeing some of your photos on Tapestry. I will continue to check this regularly.

From Mrs Leaford 😊

A Message from Spencer Bear

Spencer Bear has been very good … he has been staying at home and helping with jobs around the house. He thinks it is good to be helpful. Here is his new message for his Wren Class friends …


  • Practise the sounds you have learnt so far, using the green Speed Sound book and the Set 2 speed sound booklet
  • Watch a Read, Write, Inc. Speed Sound lesson through one of the following websites. I would recommend watching a Set 2 speed sound lesson.



  • Play the following game …
  • Cut up some pieces of paper.
  • Ask an adult to write the following onto each piece of paper …

Sh, op, ch, ip, th, ing, qu, een, pl, ay, sp, ort, sh, irt, st, air

  • Hide the pieces of paper around your house or garden
  • Search for the different pieces of paper and then see if you can match two pieces to make a word


Recommended books for this week, accessed through Oxford Owl (details are in your child’s home learning book):

  • The Ox and The Yak
  • Sun Hat Fun
  • Rag the Rat


  • Earlier in the week you were asked to make an invitation for your own Wild Thing rumpus (party)
  • You now need to think about what you need for your party
  • Make a list of all the food that you will give your guests
  • Remember in our lessons we talked about how to write a list… each new ‘thing’ needs to be on a new line, you could start each line with a number or dot (bullet point)
  • Try to sound out words on your own
  • Parents … at this stage in your child’s writing it is more important that they attempt to sound out words independently and apply the phonics they have learnt in school, rather than focusing on correct spelling

Maths – Numbers to 20

  • Watch one (or both) of the following episodes of Numberblocks …



  • I have provided Numberblocks episodes for numbers 12 and 13, as these seem to be the trickiest ones for us to recognise. There are Numberblocks episodes for every number up to 20, if you would like to watch a different one.
  • Play the following game … choose ‘numbers up to 15’


  • Complete one (or more) of the challenges below


In school we thought about the different transport we could use to make a journey.

  • Follow the instructions below to watch a short video about travelling
  • Login to Espresso (details in your child’s home learning book)
  • Click on ‘Foundation’, then ‘Understanding the World’
  • Select ‘Journey to the Coast’
  • Then ‘videos’. Choose the video titled ‘different ways to travel’
  • Watch the short video
  • You may also like to watch the video titled ‘train journey’
  • Now, login to Purple Mash and complete the new 2do. You can either design a steam train or an aeroplane. There is no expectation for you to do both, but you can if you would like to. Try to use different colours on your design. I look forward to seeing them!

Purple Mash (a note for parents)

Once children have completed an activity they must click the white arrow, in a red box, at the top right hand corner.

Choose ‘save and exit’.

Go back to the ‘2Do’ section at the top of the page and find the piece of work completed. Children must then click ‘hand in’.

Following these instructions means that I will be able to see and comment on the children’s work from home.

Other Optional Activities

  • Don’t forget about the other activities and challenges I recommended earlier in the week
  • You might like to complete the science experiment shown below ….