Swift Class Tue 31st March

Hello Amazing Swift Class!

Apologies for yesterday’s book list I popped some in the wrong age range. Here is an updated table. But any reading is always good reading!

RWI Group Read Write Inc eBook Age Filter eBook
Red Nog in the Fog 4-5 years The King and His Wish
Green Nip and Chip 4-5 years Leek Hot Pot
Orange We Can Play! 5-6 years Dragon Bay
Yellow Bushcraft 6-7 years Minibeast Poems
Blue Save the Whale 6-7 years What Was It Like?
Grey A Job for Jordan 6-7 years Captain Comet and the Purple Planet

I hope you are all safe and well.
From Miss Harvey 😊


The Spangled Pandemonium Poem

See separate activities to practise reading comprehension and writing skills. This includes a set of instructions, Spangled Pandemonium poem to read together and the questions/ activities (complete writing and drawing tasks in home school sharing book, exercise book or a notebook),

Writing task – What on earth actually IS a spangled pandemonium?!

Write a description of the creature using full, correctly
punctuated sentences. Use lots of really good adjectives (describing words) in your writing.

English 31.3.20 Swift Class


See separate activities to practise multiplication. This includes a reminder, two levels of practice sheet (write answers in home school sharing book, exercise book or a notebook), guidance if you get a bit stuck and a few questions to check your understanding. All the answers are provided so that you can ‘tick or fix’ your work with an adult.

Can I recall x2 multiplication facts? A bit stuck
Can I recall x5 multiplication facts? Mild option
Can I recall x2, x5, x10 multiplication facts and solve problems? Hot option and understanding questions.

Maths 31.3.20 Swift Class

Design Technology

Our topic this half term has been about moving parts in books. We explored leavers and sliders. But also, that design technology is about designing and making a product for a purpose. We wanted to make moving books to encourage Wren class children to read.

Today you have two challenges to choose from (or you may want to do both)

1. Design a new Easter Egg and its packaging. It needs to be based around traditional stories/fairy tales. How can you make it appeal to young children? How will you make your product stand out?

2. Create an Easter card with a moving part. See the attached instructions to give you ideas of how to create a hinge or lever. You may have your own ideas.

31.3.20 DT Easter Egg Design

31.3.20 DT Easter Card


Can you practise your Spanish counting? We are fantastic at counting to 10. But remember we are trying to get to 31 so we can talk about the calendar and our birthdays.

Practise with this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EuOFLYkt5Y

This is a fantastic website – click on the topic numbers and you will have a mini lesson and then get to play lots of games! https://www.spanish-games.net/spanishtopics

If you have Uno at home….

Uno – The commercial game Uno is great for colours and numbers. Try to use a full sentence each time you play a card or draw. If they forget, they have to draw an extra card.

Tengo un tres rojo.- I have red 3

No tengo una carta verde,- I do not have a green card

No tengo un dos.- I do not have a 2