Robin Class Tue 24th March

RobinHi Robins,

I hope you are all happy and healthy.

Please find below some learning activities for you to complete at home with help from an adult whilst school is closed.

New activities will be added on Tuesdays and Thursdays during term time.

Young children should be appropriately supervised when using online resources. I appreciate that not everyone will have access to a printer so you may want to record your work in your home school sharing book, an exercise book or a notebook.

Remember to use your superhero mindset!

Mr Allard.


This week, in addition to any new reading scheme books you took home last week I would like you to read some ebooks.

Use My Class Login button (classname: robinclass, password: book) on website to access the ebooks.

Read the following books by filtering series to Read Write Inc or by age group. The books I want you to read this week will be based on your Read Write Inc colour group we use for phonics.

RWI Group Read Write Inc eBook Age Filter eBook
Red Sun Hat Fun 4-5 years Dad Can You Do This?
Green Go and Play 4-5 years Chicken Licken
Orange Blackbirds 5-6 years Sue Kangaroo
Yellow A Sweetcorn Salad 6-7 years Animal Magic
Blue A Hole in my Tooth 6-7 years What’s Inside Me?
Grey The Ice and Snow Book 6-7 years The Lazy Giant

Audible have also released some free audio books (no sign up or logins needed) on whilst schools are closed. Following on from our work on poems why not listen to Great Poems for Children in the ‘Elementary’ section.

Teach Your Monsters to Read

I have registered the class with the online phonics/reading resource ‘Teach Your Monster to Read’ which can be accessed at

Your child’s logon details are the same as their PurpleMash logins.

(KH – I have corrected spelling of your name on PurpleMash. Sorry!)

I have started your child on one of three levels to suit their ability but they may find the start a bit easy but this will build their confidence before it becomes more challenging as their journey in the online game progresses.

This app is free to use online and for a limited time it is free to download the apple / android app due to disruption caused by coronavirus (usually £4.99). If you use the app then set the Icon id pdf star code to 768037.


  1. Listen to an oral story

‘Dragon/Dinosaur’ is told by Wilf Merttens at

  1. Respond to the story
  • What fierce, scary creatures did the people in the town try to frighten away the dragon dinosaur with?
  • Draw the creatures on the Fierce, Scary Creatures page or in your exercise book/notebook. Label each one with their name.
  • In the empty spaces, draw and name other fierce and scary creatures that could have been used to frighten the Dragon Dinosaur.
  1. Now for some writing
  • On My Favourite Part of the Story page or in your exercise book/notebook, draw a picture of the bit you liked most.
  • Write sentences explaining why you liked that bit the most.
  • The Useful Words will help you with spellings.

When writing remember to think it, say it, like it, write it and read it again.

Choose your writing peak challenge below.

Image result for simple mountain Can I use finger spaces?
Image result for simple mountain Image result for simple mountain Can I use capital letters and full stop for every sentence?
Image result for simple mountain Image result for simple mountain Image result for simple mountain Can I use the conjunction ‘because’ in a sentence?


See separate activities to practise counting in 10p and 1ps. This includes a reminder, two levels of practice sheet (if no printer, write answers in home school sharing book, exercise book or a notebook), guidance if you get a bit stuck and a few questions to check your understanding. All the answers are provided so that you can ‘tick or fix’ your work with an adult.

Y1 Maths 24 March 2020

Practise quick recall of number bonds to ten using the online resource If your child is secure with these, try number bonds to 20.

This online resource is free but there is a Hit the Button Maths app from Topmarks Online Ltd which can be downloaded for £2.99 if you prefer.


Joe Wicks is releasing a 30 minute PE lesson live every weekday at 9am.

Olympic Gymnast Max Whitlock is also posting family friendly workouts on his facebook page #THEWHITLOCKWORKOUT.

We regularly use BBC Supermovers in class to keep active so carry on at home.

English – Fierce, Scary Creatures

English – My Favourite Part of the Story