Lapwing Class Tue 24th March

Due to the school closure, I have tried to set learning that would cover our normal weekly timetable as best as I can. Please do try to complete these consolidation activities to reinforce the skills and knowledge that we have been learning in class.


  • You have a SPaG mat to practise spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Using some of our geography knowledge, children need to have a go at writing an explanation text – you could write them about how a volcano erupts, how a mountain is formed or how an earthquake happens? An example explanation text about the water cycle and a guide sheet have been attached to help you do this – remember the features we have talked about as our steps to success – can you include them all? TITLE, CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, PROCESS IN STEPS/PARAGRAPHS, TECHNICAL LANGUAGE, DIAGRAMS WITH LABELS, INTRODUCTION, PRESENT TENSE, TIME AND CAUSE/EFFECT CONJUNCTIONS, CONCLUSION.
  • Reading – we have focused on our summary skills as this has been the hardest part of our VIPERS guided reading skills so far. Please write a summary about what you have read each time (remember the main points only to tell us what has happened/what it is about in a concise way). There are several books on Oxford Owl e-book library.
  • Spellings – we have recapped these suffixes this week (ment, less, ful, ness). Remember if it ends in a y we take this off and add i first J. What other words can you think of with these suffixes – please make a list? You could play bingo with these words by choosing some to practise spelling them and get somebody else to describe the words meaning – if you know which word they are talking about you can cross it off. You could use any words that you can think of with these suffixes. There are activities related to these suffixes on Oxford Owl RWI for you to complete. I have also attached the Year 4 spelling words for you to work through should you need any additional words/practise.

List A –

  • Business
  • Pavement
  • Loneliness
  • Motionless
  • Colourful
  • Plentiful


  • Times tables – keep going with rockstars! Remember you are aiming for A MINIMUM 10 minutes a day. There are also some other good games online such as hit the button.
  • I sent home some extra maths practise sheets about fractions and decimals for home learning on Friday but I have also put 3 activities online to help you recap fractions – add and subtract fractions, equivalent fractions and problem solving.


  • We have looked at the structure of the mouth, types of teeth and their function. Please draw a model of the mouth labeling these and explain to people at home what you have learnt in our lessons.
  • I would like you to think about how you need look after your teeth – please have a go at cleaning your teeth thoroughly and write instructions about how to do this best!


  • We need to link our understanding of original sin to forgiveness. Please discuss with people at home why forgiveness is important – can you think of any examples or stories where people have forgiven? Why did they do this? How did this help the situation? Can you understand how the parable involves forgiveness?


I have also attached login details for several sites where there are spelling, reading and other learning.

Stay healthy and take care
Miss Marriott