Lapwing Class Thu 26th March

Hello Lapwings – I hope you are staying healthy and are working hard!


  • You have another SPaG mat. I have also set lots of SPaG games as 2Dos on Purple Mash.
  • There are handwriting activities on 2handwrite on Purple Mash which I have set as a 2Do.
  • Spellings – could you play a game of hangman with our weekly spelling words?
    • Business
    • Pavement
    • Loneliness
    • Motionless
    • Colourful
    • Plentiful
  • Reading – please could you write a book review about the book you are reading? Don’t forget that we have access to Oxford Owl e-books – there is an audio option so you can listen to it too. I recommend ‘Double Exposure’ by Gillian Philip. There are questions at the beginning that somebody at home could ask you to check you have understood the book too!


  • Times tables – keep going with rockstars! Remember you need to do A MINIMUM of 10 minutes a day. You could also play the 100 square game (using your maths book I sent home to make a 10×10 grid).
  • I have attached a sheet to consolidate counting in hundredths.
  • Mental maths – it is really important that you are keeping your mental maths going there are some super quick challenges on this site – you could do a sheet a day to keep the key facts ticking over. There are also some online games to support this on top marks too. I have attached the first sheet for today.


  • On Purple Mash, I have set 2Dos about labelling places in the world, Europe and the UK please do as much as you can using the maps. Do you have any maps you can look at in your home? We compared OS maps to other types. Could you make a ‘map’ of your village/home – we have practised reading grid references. Can you find countries that you have been on a map? Can you get somebody to test you to see how good your map skills are by finding specific countries?



  • Please go onto Linguascope – – our username is wicklewood, password wickle01 . When you get on there, go to Elementary, click on the German flag and then you can find Monate to play some games involving the months of the year, which we have just been doing in class. Don’t forget to listen to the “Einleitung” (introduction) first to remind you of how to say them.