Lapwing Class Mon 30th March

30.3.20 – Monday’s learning:


  • SPaG mat attached.
  • Reading – there is a comprehension activity about the digestive system attached for you to answer questions about.
  • Handwriting – I have attached some practise sheets – please copy these words as neatly as you can into the English book I sent home.
  • Spellings- this week our focus is all about double consonants. Can you have a spelling test with somebody at homes help?

List A –

  • Accident/ally
  • Actually
  • Address
  • Arrive
  • Different
  • Difficult

List B –

  • Different
  • Called
  • Little
  • Looked
  • School
  • Three


  • Times tables – keep going with rockstars! Remember you are aiming for A MINIMUM 10 minutes a day. I have attached a times table ideas booklet – there are some handy tips and rhymes etc which should help you to keep these key skills going.
  • You have some sheets about matching fraction and decimal equivalences.
  • You also have a key fact daily, quick challenge again.


  • We have done a lot about animals this half term, please could you look at the cards and write definitions for each key word – they are not matched up correctly on the sheet!
  • This is a useful website for food chains – please watch the video and read the information. Can you draw a food chain? What would be at the top and what would be at the bottom? What animals can you spot in your garden/looking out of the window?