Lapwing Class Fri 27th March

Happy Friday Lapwings! I hope you can get some fresh air (safely of course) this weekend.


  • On Purple Mash, I have set you some 2Dos to write an information text (we have learnt how to write these successfully in school) about healthy teeth and/or the life cycle of a butterfly (you looked at this last week).
  • Reading – make sure you are reading daily please. What can you find out about the author of your book? Can you make a fact file about them?
  • Spellings – can you play a game of headbands (write the word on a sticky note and somebody has to describe what it is – you need to spell it out to guess) with somebody at home using your weekly spelling words or perhaps more of the Year 4 spelling words too?


  • Times tables – don’t forget you need to be doing a minimum of 10 minutes a day of times table rockstars. I have received some challenges from some of you! Could you also make some dominoes/loop cards to practise your times tables?
  • I have attached some more practise involving money/measure problems using fractions – would you rather have…style questions (you need to divide the whole part by the denominator to find what 1/- would be, then times that answer by the numerator – we have found fraction of amounts in school).
  • I have attached another quick mental maths challenge from this site – to keep the key facts ticking over. Don’t forget there are also some online games to support this on top marks too.


  • I have also set a 2DO about a fact file of Germany – please complete it using the information we have learnt this term when we did our information texts or your own research.


  • We have been thinking about managing money. Could you discuss what the terms budgeting, loan and interest mean with somebody at home. This website has free and very useful resources to help. Parents/carers just need to make a log in. there are videos and activities to complete. We also been thinking about being a critical consumer– at home could you think about and discuss the things that are necessary and things that we could live without buying.